Big Donors Are Pulling Out of Brazil’s Amazon Fund; That Could Spell Trouble for the Rainforest

Norway and Germany have been helping support the Brazilian government for its efforts to reduce deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest for some 10 years now. These financial rewards—the annual donations to the Amazon Fund, which the Brazilian Development Bank manages—have amounted to nearly $1.3 billion (£1.1 billion). Read More >>

It’s Drone Vs. Raven as Scientists Fight to Save the Threatened Desert Tortoise

Tim Shields spends a lot of time in the Mojave Desert. Sometimes, he camps out there for weeks at a time. As a desert biologist for nearly 40 years now, Shields doesn’t mind the extreme high and low temperatures that the California desert presents. He’d rather gaze at the desert night sky than a dull hotel room ceiling fan. Read More >>

Turtle Doves Are Facing Extinction in the UK and the EU Is Taking Legal Action to Stop It

To preserve the integrity of Christmas Carollers everywhere, the EU is taking measures to preserve the waning turtle dove population, because you can't sing about gifting it to your true love when there's none of the bloody things left. Read More >>

the lion king
Sorry, The Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ Doesn’t Exist in the Natural World

The Lion King offers a number of lessons around innocence, deception, and love. However, one of my favorite takeaways from the movie – both the original and the remake – is the so-called Circle of Life. We all know the term, made famous by the classic song by the same title. Read More >>

Adorable New Species of Flying Squirrel Discovered in China

A newly described species of flying squirrel is teaching researchers more about these enigmatic, tree-hopping rodents, but its threatened status means scientists will have to act fast. Read More >>

How Elephants May Help Africa’s Rainforests Fight Climate Change

Although we’re wiping them out with little consideration of it, big herbivores matter. Hippo poo helps Africa’s largest lake flourish; bison wallowing can enhance insect diversity in the prairie. And Africa’s imperilled forest elephants might just have a role to play in the fight against climate change. Read More >>

Calculation Shows We Could Add a US-Sized Forest to the Planet to Fight Climate Change

Trees are good for all sorts of things, like providing shade for picnics and habitat for animals. But they’re also a huge part of the efforts to combat climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of the air. Read More >>

Defying International Community, Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling

Six months after announcing it would be breaking with the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Japan has officially resumed commercial whaling. Hundreds of whales will now be permitted to be hunted commercially each year in defiance of the IWC’s moratorium on the practice. Read More >>

Deforestation and Climate Change Could Split the Amazon Rainforest in Two, Study Finds

When I worry about the Amazon Rainforest, I typically worry about deforestation. Maybe I should start worrying about climate change, too. A new study out Monday shows that climate change plus deforestation equals disaster for the Amazon: The average number of tree species present in a given patch of rainforest could decline by up to 58 per cent by 2050. What’s more, all the human-induced destruction may wind up effectively dividing the Amazon into two separate forests, one of which would be “severely fragmented.” Read More >>

The Sydney Opera House’s New Artificial Reefs Look Like Works of Art

The Sydney Opera House is a dope-ass work of architecture. Nestled along the Sydney Harbour in Australia, the building is a sight to see. Now, the sea wall at Bennelong Point, where the opera house sits, features 18 hexagonal-shaped steel frames meant to serve as artificial coral reefs. Read More >>

Olay Tests a Refillable Moisturiser as Beauty Industry Grapples With Its Giant Trash Problem

Fresh, soft skin comes at a cost—to the planet. Specifically, I’m talking about all that packaging your favourite lotion or cream comes in, which is likely made of hard-to-degrade plastics. That’s why Olay is dipping its toes in the refillable packaging world, a first among major skincare brands according to the Guardian. Read More >>

What Would Happen to Earth If the Avengers Undid Thanos’ Snap?

In 2018, half of all sentient life disappeared with Thanos’ snap of the fingers in Avengers: Infinity War. Five years passed. Read More >>

Camera Trap Snaps Photo of First Known Albino Giant Panda

Using a motion-activated camera, scientists at Wolong National Nature Reserve in southwest China have snapped a blurry but unprecedented photograph of the world’s first known albino giant panda. Read More >>

The Race to Save the World’s Smallest Porpoise From Extinction

The smallest porpoise on Earth is facing an imminent extinction event. At this moment, if aggressive action is immediately taken, experts believe the vaquita may still have a chance to survive. If nothing changes, by 2020, it could spell the end of this charismatic porpoise. Read More >>

How Can We Stop the Collapse of Nature?

Scientists warned last week that a million species could go extinct, and it’s all our fault. Well, not “our” as in you and I, but “our” as in humanity. Read More >>