Conservative Party Criticised Over ‘Fake’ Labour Website

The conservatives are in hot water again, this time over a reported Google ad that supposedly hijacked search results. Read More >>

Conservatives Play Silly Buggers on Twitter but Escape Actual Consequences

During the live TV debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn last night, the party's Twitter account underwent a sneaky rebrand. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Wants to Force People to Show ID Before Voting

In what future generations might hold up as the unsurpassable paradigm of "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut", the British government is expected to announce plans to force voters to show identity papers at polling stations before casting their ballot in order to "safeguard against electoral fraud." Read More >>

Telegraph Slapped on the Wrist After Breaking Rules With ‘Vote Conservative’ Email

The Telegraph has been hit with a £30,000 fine, after calling on email subscribers to vote Conservative in a message sent on election day. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) says Telegraph Media Group broke marketing rules and “crossed a line” with the message, though the last-minute nature of the update and a general lack of complaints mean the publication has got off rather lightly. Read More >>

Young People Getting Poorer and Old People Getting Richer, Thanks to David Cameron

The British youth is quickly becoming a ‘new economic underclass’, while older people get wealthier, according to a report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). Not only do youngsters have a poorer chance of securing a job, but those already in work, who saw their pay fall during the economic downturn, are apparently also the least likely to have felt any positive effects since the recovery. Read More >>

Eton Bans Snapchat in Effort to Calm Posho Sexting Craze

Eton College has banned its masses of future Tory posh boys from using mobile messaging app Snapchat, over concerns that, well, everyone's just using it for pinging images of their little Boris Johnsons to each other. Read More >>

Tory Party Tries to Wipe Historical Speeches From the Internet

The Conservative Party has been rumbled trying to erase a stack of speeches from its online archives, removing key pledges and statements made by David Cameron and his rosy-cheeked schoolboy chums between the years 2000 and 2010. Read More >>

Naked Selfies Magically Upload Themselves to Tory Politician’s Facebook Account

The former deputy London mayor Richard Barnes has encountered some sort of telephone malfunction, after several photos of his private parts somehow uploaded themselves to his Facebook page. Read More >>

Poor David Cameron’s Only Twitter Friends Are His Party MPs

PM David Cameron has managed four tweets since signing up a more personal account on the social networking site on Saturday, managing to make a "joke," plug a charity, talk about his next TV performance and make an attempt at buddying up to his mate William Hague. Read More >>

Prime Minister Awkwardly Jumps on LinkedIn and Foursquare Bandwagons

David Cameron is just like a normal person. He's exactly like one of us, he is. The PM has announced he's signed up to social sites Foursquare and LinkedIn, because that's what normal people like us do. Read More >>