Microsoft Claims to be ‘Talking to Sony’ About Playing Nice 

With the launch of the Xbox One X only a few months away Microsoft needs an interim win to keep people interested in the console that is currently in a very distant second place to Sony. Which is why it is no surprise that Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg told GameReactor it was “talking to Sony” about the potential for crossplay between the two consoles. Read More >>

What You Need to Know About the Nintendo Switch’s ‘Garbage’ Graphics

The Nintendo Switch looks like it might be complete weaksauce when compared to the best consoles from Sony and Microsoft. But the real question is: does that even matter? Probably not. Read More >>

Sony to Film Sega/Nintendo Console Wars Movie

Scott Rudin, the producer behind not-disastrous Facebook film The Social Network, is looking to do for gaming what he did for nerdy programmers, with Sony Pictures said to be planning a movie based on the Sega/Nintendo battle for dominance of home gaming in the early 1990s. Read More >>

Best For Music: PS4 or Xbox One?

Let's get one thing out of the way: Nobody buys a gaming console for music. Yes, modern consoles increasingly run all kinds of non-game apps — especially the entertainment kind — as the manufacturers of just about every type of consumer electronics aim to be the primary interface between people and their favorites 1s and 0s. Read More >>

If We Give In to Always-On DRM This is What the World Will Be Like

If Microsoft doesn't relent and Sony backtracks, going ahead with its anti-piracy and used-game-blocking plan, this is what the world would be like. The always-on DRM war that'll kill us all. Read More >>