Atari’s New Console Sounds Like a Bad Idea

About a week ago, a mysterious website appeared that offered a glimpse of what appeared to be a new console by Atari. The site offered nothing more than a short video and appears to have been made with a free website builder. On Friday, Atari’s CEO confirmed that the company is indeed building a new console but he didn’t explain why anyone should care. Read More >>

Fallout 4 Players Hitting Cross-Platform Game-Breaking Bug at Monsignor Plaza

Players working their way through Game of the Fortnight contender Fallout 4 are experiencing one enormous crash, one so aggressive that it forcibly quits the entire thing when attempting one of the quests. Read More >>

Alienware Alpha Review: Close, But No Game Console

The Alienware Alpha sounds awesome. It's smaller and more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One. It doubles as an actual Windows PC! But be warned: it's not as easy to use as a game console, not as foolproof. It's not nearly the slam dunk I was hoping it would be. Read More >>

Steam Machine Teardown: A Gaming PC by Any Other Name

Valve has offered up 300 beta kits of its forthcoming Steam Machine console for developers and the like to play around with. Fortunately, iFixit got its hands on one, too—and then ripped the sucker apart. Here's what's inside. Read More >>

Microsoft: Xbox One and Kinect Will Definitely Not Be Sold Separately

Microsoft has had an indecisive month or two recently, contemplating a series of U-turns in its attempts to compete with the forthcoming PlayStation 4. But now, it seems to have settled on a final decision about one of the most controversial flip-flops: every Xbox One WILL come with a Kinect. Read More >>

Amazon Set to Crush All Android Consoles With… Android Console?

Rumour has it that mighty offshore money machine Amazon might be planning to launch its own Android-powered gaming machine, which would put its existing standalone Android app and game store to good use -- and smash the competition into billions of Chinese-made pieces. Read More >>

Ouya Android Console Shipping to Initial backers on March 28th

The Ouya fun-cube is about to attach itself to the TVs of early adopters, with the maker announcing it'll ship finished units to Kickstarter backers on March 28th. Couple that with an ever-expanding games list and a forthcoming full retail launch and you have what might be the most disruptive event the games industry has ever seen. Or a cheap thing that plays sub-par mobile tat and swiftly disappears. Time will tell. [Ouya] Read More >>

Ouya Games-in-Progress List Currently Stands at a Whopping 481

Fans of the Ouya console have been keeping track of developments in the console's list of forthcoming games, with an enormous forum posting currently tracking nearly 500 titles said to be hitting the little Android games machine. Read More >>

Ouya Hitting the Big Old Shops from June

The maker of the rampantly successful Ouya Android console has filled out its plans for launch, revealing that the cheap little gaming machine ought to explode when it hits the mighty Amazon this June. Read More >>

Ouya Android Console Hitting UK Shops This March, For £99

After successfully milking Kickstarter for millions upon millions of pounds, the Ouya console is nearly ready for its global launch. Apparently we'll be able to pick up the Android gaming cube and controller for £99 this March. Read More >>

Ouya, the Android Gaming Console, Gets a Massive Kick In the Pants From OnLive

If you were in any doubt that the little Kickstarter-powered Android console-that-could was a real contender for the in-living room gaming crown, this should put that to rest. OnLive has just confirmed that it'll be partnering with Ouya and will be on the console from launch. Read More >>

Would You Pay £65 For This? 21,000 People Have

Ah, another day, another Kickstarter success story. After the Pebble e-paper watch took off, it seems like everyone's selling their souls on Kickstarter, with this 'people's console' proving to be the latest random big hit. Read More >>

Valve Is Apparently Working On a Steam-Powered Console

Valve’s Steam has been at the forefront of digital distribution for a while now, ever since it kicked off as an initially pretty annoying way to prevent piracy for the developer’s Half-Life series. Now it seems Valve’s eyeing up Steam’s logical evolution – a fully-fledged gaming console for your living room -- the “Steam Box.” Read More >>