This Powerful Retro Handheld Almost Puts the N64 in Your Pocket

It didn’t take long for the handheld emulators coming out of China to get powerful enough to finally play N64 games, which is impressive – N64 is a notoriously challenging console to emulate. The RK2020 is among the first batch of portables that can play classics like Super Mario 64, and while it doesn’t emulate every N64 game perfectly, it’s already one of the better handhelds available. Read More >>

I Miss the Nintendo Virtual Boy

It’s rare for a company like Nintendo to release a console that isn’t at least popular amongst its fans – even the Wii U sold over 13 million units. But the Virtual Boy was one of the company’s biggest flops, delivering a disappointing 3D experience that left gamers seeing red: literally. Despite its bizarre hardware limitations and embarrassingly small game lineup, I genuinely miss the console that stands as a tribute to the risks Nintendo often takes towards the cause of innovating gaming. Read More >>

This Upgraded NES Gamepad Doesn’t Actually Need an NES Console to Play Games

One-upping Nintendo’s efforts to shrink the original NES console, Taylor Burley sacrificed a tiny arcade cabinet to upgrade an old-school NES gamepad with not only a screen, but a small collection of retro titles that don’t need cartridges or even a console to play. Read More >>

The Evercade Simplifies Retro Gaming and I’m Surprised How Much I Love It

If you haven’t spent decades hoarding classic consoles and cartridges (plus an outdated TV) then dabbling with retro gaming can be a challenging minefield of half-functional emulators and sketchy ROM files. The Evercade aims to change that, putting collections of classic titles on cartridges that anyone who mastered the Game Boy can easily use. Read More >>

Microsoft Could Reveal a More Affordable Xbox Series X in May

Microsoft has been providing a slow drip of Xbox Series X info following its official announcement late last year. Now, a new round of rumours may provide some clues about Microsoft’s next Xbox event and some insight about a cheaper, entry-level version of Xbox Series X. Read More >>

This Fan Says They Built Their Own Nintendo Switch Using Replacement Parts

Until Nintendo ramps up production and shipments again, finding a Switch for a reasonable price is going to be near-impossible. You can patiently wait it out, or you can take the route this guy claims to have and build your own Switch for about £160 using replacement and repair parts bought from China and online auctions. Read More >>

An Ultra-Rare Supersized Version of the Nintendo Game & Watch is Up for Auction

The auction house who recently sold the rare Nintendo Play Station console is making it harder and harder to be a fiscally responsible adult. Heritage Auctions has just listed another rare piece of video game history with a demo machine that was used to sell Nintendo’s Game & Watch handhelds; the precursor to the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and the Switch. Read More >>

GameCube-Inspired Dock Brings Old School Controllers and Wireless Headphones to Switch

Although the Nintendo Switch includes a dock that works just fine for connecting to a TV, it’s not perfect. Some have reported it’s actually scratched their portable’s screen, and its functionality is barebones. Now’s the perfect time to give your Switch an upgrade with a dock that does more than just pay homage to the GameCube. Read More >>

How to Get Started with Online Multiplayer Games When You’re Bored At Home

Some folks have been gaming for almost their entire lives. But others are new to it, and maybe would’ve never considered a console before social distancing and self-isolation became a must. Gaming with friends (or random strangers) is one way of keeping in touch with the wider world. If you’re just dipping your toe into the waters, here’s the best way to get started. Read More >>

One of the Rarest Video Game Consoles of All Time Just Sold For £277,000 at Auction

A failed partnership 28 years ago between a pair of gigantic names in gaming has resulted in one of the rarest pieces of hardware in video game history selling at auction today for a staggering $360,000 (£277,000) – and it doesn’t even include a single game. Read More >>

The Sony PS5 is Making the PS4 Look Cheap

Bloomberg is reporting that Sony is having a problem driving the price down on this year’s PS5. The console is expected to launch later this year, but Sony is struggling to get the cost of manufacturing below $450 (£345) per unit. Read More >>

Looks Like Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Leaked on Twitter

Microsoft caught people with a small surprise when it announced its next big game console – the Xbox Series X – late last year at the 2019 Game Awards. And now, someone may have just dropped the first real-world photos of the Series X months before its official release. Read More >>

The N64 Controller Almost Had its Own Private Second Screen

Few controllers in the history of video gaming had to do as much heavy lifting as the N64's. It not only introduced Nintendo fans to analog control sticks, it also included a slot for memory cards, and eventually the heavy Rumble Pak accessory. A second screen accessory almost happened too, but instead found its way into another classic console. Read More >>

This Battery Pack With Built-In Games Lets You Never Talk to Another Soul Ever Again

Occasionally, the makers of the junk gadgets you can find at gas stations, convenience stores, and mall kiosks manage to come up with a genuinely useful piece of tech. Such is the case with this 8,000 mAh backup battery featuring its own built-in video game system so you can continue to ignore the world around you while waiting for your smartphone to come back to life. Read More >>

CES 2020: The RetroN Jr. Lets You Play All Your Tiny Game Boy Games on Your Giant HDTV

Now that ThinkGeek is no more, Hyperkin will be carrying the “April Fool’s Day prank turned real” torch and turning the RetroN Jr. – a gag product it originally introduced on 1 April 2017 – into a legitimate way to enjoy classic Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance titles on a big screen TV. Read More >>