At Least One Dead After Hotel Partially Collapses in New Orleans

Portions of an under-construction Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapsed Saturday, killing at least one person and trapping several contractors inside according to local reports. Read More >>

Before Cranes, Ancient Greeks May Have Used This Ingenious Lifting Machine to Move Heavy Stones

Cranes first appeared in ancient Greece over 2,500 years ago, but new research suggests a primitive lifting machine – a kind of forerunner to the crane – was in use around 150 years earlier. Read More >>

Thames Water Wants to Take Your Shit and Make Houses out of It

Thames Water is taking your dumps and turning it into breeze blocks to sell to the construction industry. Your poop will get a new lease of life as it gets used to build new factories and houses. Read More >>

These New Photos of the World’s First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge Are Stunning

The creators of the world’s first 3D-printed steel bridge, a 40-foot stainless steel structure titled simply “The Bridge” that looks tantalisingly otherworldly thanks to its unique construction methods, say it is now ready for installation in Amsterdam following its ongoing week on show at the Dutch Design Week from 20-28 October. Read More >>

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Skyscraper Window Replacement Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Construction workers in Moscow using a rooftop crane to lift a giant pane of glass to the top of a 30-plus-story skyscraper will unfortunately have to try it once again. The glass was almost in their reach when the cable apparently snapped, sending the window and its support rig plummeting to the ground. Read More >>

The First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge Looks Like It Broke Off an Alien Mothership

The plan to 3D-print a bridge in mid-air was always bonkers. How could a technology best known for creating flimsy prototypes and personalised action figures be used for permanent construction projects? Well, the team at MX3D in Amsterdam just answered all of the hard questions and revealed it: the world’s first 3D-printed bridge. It’s made of a completely new type of steel, spans 40 feet, and will be installed early next year in De Wallen, the largest and best-known red-light district in Amsterdam. It also looks utterly otherworldly. Read More >>

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Watch Japan Fix a Massive Five Lane-Wide Sink Hole in Less Than a Week

You’d assume that when the earth opens up to swallow a big chunk of a crowded city it would take months to fix the damage. But in the Japanese city of Fukuoka, it took repair crews just four days to fix a massive five-lane-wide sinkhole that suddenly appeared last week. Read More >>

Ridiculously Large Sinkhole Gobbles Up Five-Lane Road in Southern Japanese City

Residents of the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka had a rather rude awakening this morning when a gigantic sinkhole formed near the JK Hakata train station. Local officials are now desperately working to prevent the collapse of nearby buildings. Read More >>

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How to Build an Aircraft Carrier 

Building a floating city also known as an aircraft carrier is really hard, because the numbers are virtually unfathomable. A basic aircraft carrier is made of 60,000 tonnes of steel, 4.5 acres of non-skid surface, and four 325-foot catapults. The whole thing weighs 90 million kilos and takes five years to build and—get this—costs $5 billion (£4 billion) at the very least. To call it a massive undertaking would be putting it lightly. Read More >>

How Skyscrapers Are Being Built Higher and Higher

Tall buildings often have tuned mass dampers hidden inside their structures to stabilise them against the wind. Those tuned mass dampers are huge, heavy, and help limit a building’s movement by swaying in the opposite direction of the building. Read More >>

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Watch a Train Get Assembled for Crossrail

Seeing a train get assembled is a lot like watching someone play with Lego, only if that someone was God and the Lego was stupidly large. This timelapse of a Crossrail Elizabeth line train being built out at Bombardier in Derby is especially cool because it seems like pieces and parts are just flying together. Read More >>

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This Guy Fighting an Excavator is an Inspiration to Us All

You know who wins when an angry bloke fights an excavator at a construction site? All of us watching the battle unfold from the sidelines, because it gives us the chance to stop and think about the excavators we’re all dealing with — metaphorically. Read More >>

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Watch a Huge Swarm of Machines Pave a Road in Russia

There are so many trucks and pavers and steam rollers paving Moscow’s Tverskaya Street in this time lapse that it looks like a massive swarm of machines have taken over Russia. The smaller road rollers look and move a lot like the little planes that launch from the mothership (which, in this case would be the dump trucks). Read More >>

Lego’s Largest Technic Set Can Dig a Moat Around Your Home

We got a sneak preview of Lego’s new Bucket Wheel Excavator at the Nuremberg toy fair earlier this year, but now we have more details on the monstrous set, which will come with over 3,900 pieces, officially making it the largest Lego Technic set to date. Read More >>

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Watch the Construction of the Panama Canal Expansion in This Timelapse

The timelapse gets a little hectic and sometimes you don’t know what the hell is going on (unless you’re well-versed in canal building), but it’s just crazy to see a strip of land get carved out and then built out with concrete. Like, we just really gashed through the Earth and filled it up with water. Read More >>