NHSX Adds Features to Contact Tracing App So You’ll Actually Use It

The government's NHS innovation arm, NHSX, is trying to come up with ways to make sure people actually download the contact tracing app they've spent a lot of time and money on, particularly as it's apparently not coming until winter, aka "too bloody late." Read More >>

The Government Has Asked Germany for Help With its Coronavirus Tracking App Shitshow

In case you've been living under a rock, you should know that the government's attempts to create an app for tracking the coronavirus has been an absolute shitshow. And that's putting it nicely. Seriously, if there's anything that perfectly exemplifies the incompetence of the current government, it's this. Read More >>

NHSX Cut Off Rival Covid Apps to Protect the One the Government Abandoned

The shitshow that is the government's covid-19 contract tracing app has taken yet another facepalm-worthy turn with the news that rival apps were told to stop work in case it jeopardised the official one, which was then promptly abandoned after wasting lots of money. Read More >>

It Turns Out Apple Has No Clue About UK’s Plans to Use Its API for Contact Tracing App

A rather embarrassing snafu has popped up thanks to health secretary Matt Hancock, but luckily, he seems to lack the capacity to take personal responsibility for anything, so when he goes on the telly spouting utter shite, it's simply just another day for him. Read More >>

NHS Contact Tracing App is “Not a Priority” Anymore So That Was a Massive Waste of Time

The NHS contact tracing app is a mess, which you may have picked up on from our coverage of it so far; and now it's not going to see the light of day before winter - if it launches at all. Read More >>

NHS Contact Tracing App is Now Live, Possibly by Mistake

The NHSX contact tracing app has appeared in the Google Play Store, but we suspect it's either gone live before it should have, or some pillock has botched the roll-out; either option seems plausible given the history of the thing. Read More >>

Covid-19 Contact Tracing Apps Are Shit in Other Countries Too

When the people in charge of running a country can barely cobble an app together, you should be worried. Whether because there's some nefarious purpose behind shady data harvesting, or whether they're simply too stupid to allow big tech to step in and guide the development is inconsequential at this stage. Read More >>

Germany’s Coronavirus-Tracking App Set to Release This Week as Nation Reopens

Germany will soon roll out its coronavirus-tracking smartphone app, the country’s health minister, Jens Spahn, announced Sunday. Read More >>

31,000 Contacts Were Identified by the COVID Contact Tracing System’s First Week

A couple of weeks ago, right at the very start of the manual contract tracing system's life, there was a data breach of sorts. A breach that said only 4,634 contacts had been identified. That wasn't a very good look, even if the system had only been running for a few days. Well things may be looking up for the system and those championing it, because the official figures show 31,000 contacts were identified within the first week of operation. Read More >>

NHS Deals With Big Tech Finally Revealed After Threat of Legal Action

You know what would be great? A government that uses citizens' data responsibly and isn't doing shady shit that I have to spend my morning waffling on about. But here we are. Read More >>

Singapore Plans to Roll Out Its Own Contact-Tracing Wearable

As the UK and several other countries mull over how best to utilise contact-tracing technology, Singapore is planning to issue virus-tracking wearables to each of its 5.7 million residents. Read More >>

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Even the Police Don’t Trust the NHS Contact Tracing System

It seems that even the police themselves are wary of the NHS' Test and Trace system, with word on the street being that they're looking into their own version for officers to use instead. Read More >>

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NHS Test and Trace System Isn’t Fully Operational Yet and Won’t Be Until September

The NHS Test and Trace system went live last week and while we suspected it's an absolute mess based on everything we've heard about it do far, it seems that's exactly the case, and it won't be up to speed for another three or four months. Read More >>

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Leaked NHS Test and Trace Data Shows What a Shit Show It Really Is

The NHS Test and Trace system kicked off this month, which sees contact tracers reaching out to people who have tested positive, getting all of their personal data, and asking for the same data of everyone you've been in contact with. Data that can be used to identify you. And it's all been leaked. Read More >>

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NHS Test and Trace Program Set for Legal Challenge Over Its Use of People’s Data

It seems that the government's plan to use the NHS Test and Trace program along with the upcoming NHS Contact Tracing app to harvest and store your data long after it's 'needed' isn't sitting well with anyone, because it's shady af. And now the lawyers are wading in. Read More >>