It’s Safer to Keep the Contactless Limit at £30, says London Police Chief

It's been two years since the contactless payment limit rose from £20 to £30, but Commissioner Ian Dyson, the current head of London's police, doesn't think it should go any higher; citing concerns over a potential rise in card fraud if it did. Read More >>

Chip & Win: Which Mobile Payment System is Best?

The mobile payment market is small, but it's still grown quite a lot over the past few years. There are still enough services to make it a little bit tricky when it comes picking the one that's right for you. But how can you decide? It all depends on which phone you have for starters, and even then you'll have to do a chunk of research to figure out what's what. Well we took care of that to save you the hassle, and this is what we found. Read More >>

Bedazzle the Checkout Operative With a Contactless Payment Ring

The Kerv contactless payment ring, a former star of Kickstarter, is now on sale in the UK. And for only twice the original anticipated price, too. Read More >>

Contactless Payments in Danger of Actually Taking Off

The years of relentless pressure to slightly change our shopping habits appears to be working, at last, with stats showing that contactless payments are on the up by quite a margin. Read More >>

Contactless Tech is Coming to Charity Donation Boxes

Barclaycard has been running a trial of contactless charity donation boxes, seeing as we always love a chance to pay for things via the futuristic sensation of a tap of a credit card, and the charities involved are saying it's doing the job and boosting receipts. Read More >>

Contactless Payment Jacket Created for Homeless People

For many of us, this particular period of the year is a time for overindulgence and pampering. However, for homeless people, it’s hell. Read More >>

Barclaycard’s Pay @ Pump Can Save Us From Cocktail Wankers

Everyone’s been there. Stuck behind the brash, pushy, immaculately dressed, bar-hogging group of media/law/finance wankers, all of whom have about eight equally wankery, banterous, personal space-invading pals stood behind you, barking cocktail orders through your face. Read More >>

All Black Cabs to Support Card Payments From Monday… at a 20p Premium

TfL has announced that all of London’s black cabs will be required to have a contactless card payment reader -- either fixed or handheld -- on board from October 31st. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Demos Touchless Tech to Touchless Tech Nation

That man who is a professional foot-putter-inner has put his foot in it again, this time managing to embarrass the entire nation of Japan -- and himself -- by telling them all about how innovative London's contactless transport system is to promote "London's fintech wizardry." Read More >>

Contactless Card Fines Boost London’s Transport Budget

A Freedom of Information (FoI) request has given us a look into the workings of the contactless payment system used by the London Underground, showing that around 1.38 million journeys were judged incomplete between September and May, leading to passengers being charged the maximum possible fare. Read More >>

Apple Pay on the Way as Starbucks Adds iPayments to UK App

Apple's currently US-trialling contactless payment system Apple Pay could be moseying on over to the UK imminently, if the latest Starbucks app update is anything to go by. Read More >>

Contactless Card Payment Limit Set to Rise to £30

If you haven't already got one, the next time your credit or debit card expires, you're almost certainly going to be sent contactless enabled plastic. The banks' latest way to get us to spend money without even realising it (I'm guilty of not even checking the price on a till for smaller purchases since getting my own), the payment system is getting ever-more popular, what with the capital's transport system and an increasing number of retailers onboard. Read More >>

Mastercard Users Can Travel Around London for Free on November 14 and 28

If you've a contactless-enabled Mastercard, you can travel for free around London using public transport on November 14th and 28th, as TfL looks to promote its fledgling contactless payment system. Read More >>

More Non-London Buses Going Ticketless from 2015

A consortium of the big bus franchise holders is looking to launch a national ticketless payment system, with the Oyster-for-buses Swift cards set to launch on more routes in 2015. Buses operated by Stagecoach, First, Arriva, Go Ahead and National Express will take part, enhancing the UK's current patchwork approach to cashless ticketing. [BBC] Read More >>

The Horrible No Good Apple Pay War No One Signed Up For

Earlier this week, Giz US published a walkthrough of the stridently awful Apple Pay alternative being cooked up by US retail chains including, but not restricted to, Walmart, CVS, and Best Buy. It is dumb, bad and got hacked yesterday, but as a recent New York Times report indicates, it's also not going anywhere any time soon, although not because anyone necessarily wants it. For the UK, waiting for its payment deals to be put in place, it's a fascinating beta test to watch. Read More >>