Victorian Content Pirates Scraped Charles Dickens’ Smash Stories

The mighty old words of Charles Dickens were embroiled in patter theft controversies back in the day, as a new book reveals that rip-off versions of his classics with titles like "Oliver Twiss" were created to scam readers out of their pennies or farthings or groats or whatever they used then, in a rough equivalent of today's internet keyword spamming. Read More >>

YouTube Has Plans for Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Shows – But Don’t Expect Bandersnatch

Well, folks, it appears the inevitable choose-your-own-adventure-style YouTube programming may soon be coming to a channel near you. Read More >>

No One Uses Computers At The Weekend Anymore

A study from publishing analytics company shows that after clocking-off time on Friday, desktop web use plummets and we all start reading the internet on our phones instead. Read More >>

Ubisoft Changes Rules on Paying for DLC

Ubisoft has said it wants to soften its stance on requiring gamers to pay for premium and additional content for its games, particularly in case where large changes are made to key games to keep them fresh over the long term. Read More >>

Apple’s Original Programming Isn’t Very Original

Apple’s first big “original” content announcement was the upcoming new advertisement original series Planet of the Apps. Now, Apple is snatching up “Carpool Karaoke,” the creative work of James Corden and The Late Late Show, to become a new 16-episode weekly Apple Music exclusive. Read More >>

Netflix Doesn’t Think VPN Piracy is a Big Problem

Netflix recently made a lot of people sad by announcing a block on using VPNs and proxies to access its services, shutting down a popular, semi-shady way to watch TV online. But according to CEO Reed Hastings, it’s no big deal because no-one was doing that anyway. Read More >>

Uber Will Help Find You News, Music and Other Content Tailored to Your Trip

Uber knows a lot about you by the time your bum hits the seat of a car. Now, it plans to offer you the option to discover a curated stream of content designed to fit the specifics of your journey. Read More >>

Vin Diesel’s Socks are Leading the Classroom Fight Against Online Piracy

The government, alongside the the Industry Trust and the Federation Against Copyright Theft have cooked up lesson plans to help teachers educate our youth about online piracy. The newest component of the Creative Content UK initiative is aimed at 14-19-year-olds, warning them about the potential impact of piracy on creative industries. Read More >>

Celeb Culture Ruining the Future Generation’s Morals, Says God Man

The world's obsession with what shoes Kim Kardashian wore or the mildly different haircut of one of her even less interesting siblings is leading to a crisis in the youth's honour values, according to our former Archbishop of Canterbury. Read More >>

Facebook is Testing Six New Reaction Emoji Instead of a Single “Dislike” Button

It was exciting when Mark Zuckerberg suggested that Facebook was building a “Dislike” button. So many things not to like! However, the social network just started testing a new emoji reactions feature that is probably the real future of disliking stuff on Facebook. Read More >>

GoPro Wants to Help You Turn Awesome Videos Into Cold, Hard Cash

Do you create stunning videos with your action camera? Videos where you soar through a canyon at death-defying speeds, or “ride” your tiny model trains? GoPro wants to license those videos to advertisers looking for premium footage, and pay you for the privilege. Read More >>

The People Who Make Your Videos Go Viral

Aside from Justin Bieber videos, YouTube’s greatest contribution to the internet has been in the ‘humans being dumb’ genre — everyone loves watching, say, people failing to pour ice water on their heads. But viral videos don’t just go viral on their own; in many cases, there’s a viral puppet-master pulling the strings. Read More >>

Facebook Warns of Horror Videos With Graphic Content Notice

Facebook has started embedding a warning message at the beginning of some of the less amusing clips shared on the site, warning users what they're about to see might involve bad things happening instead of cats purring on laps in front of X Factor. Read More >>

Report: Piracy Isn’t Killing Content

Contrary to what the popular press might have us believe, piracy isn't killing content. At least, that's what a team of scholars from the London School of Economics has found after conducting a deep analysis of the situation. Read More >>

xbox one
Microsoft Has More Spielberg-esque Xbox One TV Content Deals in the Pipeline

Microsoft's astonishing decision to bankroll a Stephen Spielberg-produced Halo TV series will soon be joined by more telly content deals, with the Xbox One maker set to announce more exclusive shows to help push Xbox One and its entertainment hub ambitions later this year. Read More >>