Mark Zuckerberg Wishes He Could Control People Like Code

At this stage, we really shouldn’t be surprised by Mark Zuckerberg’s tendencies to behave like someone who thinks he is God. Yet somehow, he always manages to one-up himself. Read More >>

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How Gesture Control Actually Works

Gesture control sure is cool, even if it's still a little bit of a gimmick. But how the hell does it actually work? Read More >>

The US Navy is Testing a Centralised Drone-Control System (A.K.A. Skynet)

'A centralised control computer for robots on land, air or sea' sounds suspiciously like the Terminator-wiki description of Skynet. But actually, it's just the SparkNotes version of the US Navy's latest test project, the Common Control System, which is going to kill us all. Read More >>

Leap Motion Hack Lets You Drive a Boat With a Wave of Your Hand

The Leap Motion hacks just keep coming. The motion-controlled gadget still hasn't hit our shelves, but eager engineers are already hooking their developer kits up to all the electronics they own. Read More >>

The British are Coming and the Car’s Driving Itself

The self-driving car trend would appear to be owned by the global car giants and the infinitely deep pockets of Google, but there's a new UK upstart on the scene that automates boring, regular trips by learning the route of your tedious commute and taking control. And might be able to do it all for £100. Read More >>

Woman Gains Full Mind Control of Robotic Arm, Just Like In Star Wars

This is truly extraordinary: Jan Scheuermann, a 52-year-old quadriplegic woman, has gained full control of a robotic arm. Not just simple commands, but truly complete control with "skill and speed almost similar to that of an able-bodied person." Read More >>

3D Wrist Sensor Plays Games, Zooms Phone Displays, Answers Calls and… Everything

A new form of wrist-mounted sensor might take the place of an entire multitude of existing controllers, with researches showing off a 3D gesture control system managed by little wrist sensor that tracks your hand and finger movements. Read More >>

Robot Body Controlled By Human Thoughts Alone

For the first time, scientists have managed to use fMRI scans of a human to control the movements of a robot body. The link between man and machine allowed the researchers to control a robot in France from a brain scanner in Israel. Read More >>

Microsoft Can Detect Your Gestures Using Just Your Computer’s Audio

Kinect has drawn a huge amount of interest, not just from gamers but computer scientists, engineers and artists. Now, it seems Microsoft is branching out, because one of its latest research projects offers gesture control powered by just a computer's speakers, microphone, and some inaudible sound. Read More >>

Apple’s Patented Magic Remote Is Only Missing Apple’s Patented Magic TV

Apple has filed a new patent application, an Apparatus and Method to Facilitate Universal Remote Control. In the application, Apple claims that current remotes are cluttered, so they propose using a touchscreen and loads of insanely great magic to fix this dreadful situation. Read More >>