Amazon Axes Subway Ads for Nazi-Inspired Show

Following some backlash from the patrons of the New York City underground train system, e-commerce giant Amazon seems to have twigged that plastering dystopian Nazi imagery across subway carriages wasn't a great plan. Or, was it a brilliant ruse to get lots of promotion for the new Amazon-Studios-original show? Read More >>

Qatar is Canceling Four of its 12 Planned World Cup Stadiums

After a year of ballooning costs, delays, and controversy over its labour practices, Qatar is cutting back. According to a report from Bloomberg Businessweek, organisers have decided to drastically scale back plans to construct a dozen new stadiums for the 2022 World Cup. Read More >>

The 10 Most Internationally Controversial Topics on Wikipedia

Give a bunch of scientists a dataset like Wikipedia to play with, and it'll keep 'em amused for a long old time. Now, a team of researchers from Oxford University have mined the rich seam to work out the ten most internationally controversial topics on the online encyclopaedia. Read More >>

OXO and Quirky Are in a Ridiculous Fight Over the Design of a Dustpan

You know how when you're sweeping with a broom and all those little dust bunnies get caught in your broom and you can't get them out? Both OXO and Quirky have smartly designed products that solve the problem. They're dustpans with little rakes. Genius! But now the two companies are getting all AppleSamsung over it. Read More >>