Cosplayer and Nurse: Behind the Front Lines of Coronavirus

Two months ago, as the novel coronavirus pandemic flared, nurse Francis Gualta was called to help in England’s intensive care units. Except he’d never operated a ventilator before. He’d never had to wear full personal protective equipment. Now, after weeks of helping patients the best he can, and seeing some die, Gualta said cosplay is his best method for coping. Read More >>

Cosplay is a Business and it is Suffering

Yaya Han was supposed to be on tour right now. Instead of signing copies of books and posing for pictures with fans, the cosplayer is at home prepping her next shipment of washable masks to help people prevent the spread of covid-19. Read More >>

The Decade Fandom Went Corporate

In the last twenty years, fandom and mass culture have basically merged. Fans and fandom spent the 2000s fighting for legitimacy and proving their combined worth. And corporations? Well, they spent the 2010s learning how to co-opt fandom to silence critics, manipulate press, and make even more money. Read More >>

D23 Expo is Doing Live Streams, But Probably Not the Panels You Most Want to See

D23 Expo 2019 starts on Friday and, with it, fans should expect major news from all sides of the Disney kingdom. We’re talking movies, streaming, theme parks, merchandise, pretty much everything... except what’s going to happen with Spider-Man. Read More >>

Red Cross Says Video Game Killers Should Stick to the Rules of War

The Red Cross has suggested that developers ought to rethink their Call of the Warfield video game shooter franchises, claiming it would be better and more respectful for everyone if games followed the actual conventions observed in combat. So no gunning down villages just because you can. Read More >>

Police Called as Rival Sci-Fi Clubs Battle for Doctor Who Star’s Attention

The usually sedate and harmless Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention at the University of East Anglia kicked off and required police intervention, after a rival science fiction group dared to enter its turf. Read More >>