Google Wants It Both Ways

Google is facing a flurry of backlash after announcing plans to protect user privacy by continuing to allow cookies in Chrome in a proposal it calls the Privacy Sandbox. This felt like a surprise, since the company suggested in May that it would “update how cookies are handled in Chrome.” Since Apple, Mozilla, and Microsoft are all moving away from tracking users through cookies, it seemed like Google would do the same. But nah. Cookies are good for advertisers, and Google makes a tonne of money selling ads. Read More >>

Facebook Says It’s Giving You a Tool to Kill Third-Party Tracking

Facebook is holding its F8 developer conference today. Given that it’s been going through a lot of trouble related to third-party developers it brought a surprise announcement to take your mind off of privacy concerns. It will soon give you control over the information that apps and websites are seeing about you, and let you opt out. Read More >>

EU Stands Down in Cookie Notification War

The modern day misery of having to sometimes click on an X to make a popup about cookies disappear could soon come to an end thanks to our former friends in the EU, as new guidelines on web cookie use could end the need for every site in the world to individually beg to be allowed permission to stalk us a bit. Read More >>

This Gingerbread Apple II Computer Is Perfectly Edible Inside and Out

If you’re looking for a quick hit of internet fame around Christmas, consider baking up some gingerbread and making anything but a house. So far we’ve seen crashed Enterprises and Death Stars, but a gingerbread Apple II computer, complete with edible circuitboards inside, easily wins Christmas this year. Read More >>

Magnets are the Secret to the Ultimate Cookie Dunking Contraption

For every Kickstarted product that succeeds and makes it into the hands of consumers, there are hundreds that don't. The Dunkin' Buddy's Kickstarter campaign unfortunately didn't succeed in raising ten grand earlier this year, but its creators realise how important its existence is to mankind, and they're determined to get it into production. Read More >>

These Delicious Wall Hangers Look Just Like Biscuits

Hungry? Sorry, you're outta luck. While this box might look like it's stuffed full of biscuits, you're actually looking at a cool new set of wall hangers. Read More >>

The Chemistry of Baking Cookies

Shove a tray of dough into the oven and something magical happens: that raw mixture of ingredients is transformed into a delightful circle of deliciousness, a cookie. If you've ever wondered exactly what science was behind baking, though, this video explains. Read More >>

Report: Google May Stop Using Cookies to Track Users

According to a report from the WSJ, Google is considering ditching cookies to track its users. Instead, Google would "create its own anonymous identifier for each individual". Google, which has previously secretly planted cookies in Internet Explorer and the iPhone, says it's an attempt to make the Internet more secure for users. Read More >>

Google Claims It’s Above UK Privacy Laws as the Yanks Make all the Big Decisions

Google's fighting a UK privacy battle in a rather ballsy manner, claiming UK privacy laws don't cover its operations because all that sort of stuff is handled by its US department. It's offshore tax shame all over again. Read More >>

3d printing
There’s Now an Easy Way To 3D-Print Your Own Hand-Drawn Cookie Cutters

Is there anything more uninspired and unappetizing than a boring round cookie? Outside of known carcinogens, probably not. So if you're looking for a way to spice up a glass of milk's best friend, MakerBot has just released a custom software tool called the Cookie Cutter Customiser that allows you to turn freehand sketches into plastic cookie cutters. Read More >>

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A Lethal Slingshot That Shoots Metal Oreos

A few months ago Joerg (I feel like we're on a first name basis with him at this point, right?) got the idea to try and shoot biscuits out of a pump-action slingshot. It was a fun time, but not as deadly as he would have liked. So round two of the biscuit challenge involves oreo-sized metal washers. Not surprisingly they cause more destruction. Read More >>

3d printing
Christmas Cookies Are the Best Use of 3D Printing Yet

Forget guns, records, even hideous iPhone cases; Ralf Holleis has found the best use of 3D printers and like any technology, it involves food. Namely delicious Christmas cookies. Read More >>

Emoji Cookies. I Repeat, Emoji Cookies.

Emojis are a perfect way to describe your feelings. Sometimes, you need to eat your feelings. Ergo, emoji cookies. Read More >>

Judge Approves FTC’s Largest Ever Fine, To Be Paid By Google

Nine months on from the Wall Street Journal spotting a massive Google privacy issue—namely, that it was circumventing cookie privacy settings in Safari—the search giant's fate is now sealed. A judge has approved the US FTC's largest ever fine, in the process rejecting appeals from a consumer-rights group that the sum should be higher, which means Google is set to pony up a cool $22.5 million -- around £14m. Read More >>