A Tit, an Owl, and Some Parakeets: Winning Pics From the 2018 Audubon Photography Awards

Photographing wildlife takes a special combination of patience and talent. Birds make the task even more difficult, since they are experts at flying away and disappearing into tall trees. Read More >>

This Insane Gremlins Poster Has 84 Different References On It – Can You Guess Them All?

When Randall picked up Gizmo from the antique store in Gremlins, obviously the Mogwai was the standout selection. That may not be the case, however, for this Gremlins poster, which turns that store into a pop culture cornucopia. Read More >>

The Best Scene in Batman Begins Comes to Life in an Impressive Group Art Show

Hundreds of bats fly to Batman’s aid as he valiantly tries to save his love from a deadly poison. The two escape in a rooftop Batmobile car chase and the rest is history. This moment from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins is a moment I never want to forget. And now, thanks to a new art show, I’ll never have to. Read More >>

Restoring a Rusty Butcher’s Knife Found in the Trash Back to a Sparkly Blade is Damn Nice

If I saw this deeply rusted cleaver in the bin, I’d leave it exactly where it was, because I wouldn’t think there would be any way to save the thing. Luckily, the person salvaging this ruined butcher’s knife is way smarter and way more resourceful than me, because in less than three hours, he turned a destroyed knife into what looks like a brand-spanking new blade that can chop the hell out of anything. Read More >>

Watch Daredevils With Jetpacks Fly Next to People Standing on Top of Airplanes

If you’re going to be flying in the air with a jetpack attached to your back, you might as well do it with folks who have strapped themselves standing to the wings of an airplane. Why not, right? Read More >>

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This Sweeping Footage of a Drone Flying Through the Beach Is Wonderful

Seeing this drone fly through Venice Beach in Robert McIntosh’s Fresh Squeeze in what looks like a perfectly planned flight is just lovely. The drone zips through a bicycle, seamlessly slips inside handrails, pops into holes, and cuts through structures so seamlessly that it feels like the world is unfolding before you. It’s especially nice because it’s going in reverse, so you don’t see what you’re going to see next until you already see it. Uh, if that makes any sense. Read More >>

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This Giant Lincoln Portrait Was Made From Tiny Lincoln Portraits on Pennies

The next time you clean out your change jar and find yourself with £92.34 worth of pennies you don’t feel like lugging to the bank, why not turn them into a nine-feet tall, six-feet white mosaic portrait of the Queen that would look great over your fireplace — if you’re strong enough to lift it into place. Read More >>

This is the Best T-Rex Costume You’ve Ever Seen

A Japanese company called On-Art Corporation wants to build a Jurassic Park-like attraction called “Dino-A-Park.” But instead of spending billions of dollars trying to bring extinct creatures back to life, the company has instead created some of the most life-like and realistic dinosaur costumes you’ve ever seen. Read More >>

Take a Trip Through Space With These Awesome Classic Movie Scenes

Going to space in real life is a lot of work, so let’s just take a journey with this compilation of movie scenes from A Trip to the Moon (1902) to The Martian (2015) and all the classics in between like Alien (1979), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Solaris (1972), and more. Read More >>

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Driving on Two Wheels at 115 MPH Is Incredibly Irresponsible (But Cool)

Stunt driver Vesa Kivimäki might officially be the fastest man on two wheels, but he doesn’t ride motorcycles. Instead, on an airfield in Seinäjoki, Finland, Vesa set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest side wheelie in a car, hitting an unthinkable 115 miles per hour. Read More >>

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Riding a Bicycle With Lights on Its Wheels Is Basically Tron

Bicycles with lights ringing their back wheels and expert visual editing basically turns regular mountain biking into light cycles on The Grid in Tron. Read More >>

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Watch a Katana Bend When It Hits Liquid

In order to harden the edge of steel, swords are often heated until they’re impossibly hot and then quenched in liquid to rapidly cool down. This creates a much stronger grain structure in the steel, which obviously leads to a much stronger sword. An interesting thing that happens during this quenching process is how the sword dramatically bends before it snaps back into shape (with a slight upward tilt). Read More >>

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Seeing Friction Welding in Slow Motion Is Like Watching Stars Form

Friction welding already looks out of this world. I mean, watching two pieces of metal stick together through friction as they turn bright space orange? Awesome. Seeing friction welding in slow motion, on the other hand, that’s when we find out how truly spectacular the process is. The little sparks flying off the metal blocks look like stars being formed. Read More >>

Stunning Video Flips Hong Kong on Top of Itself

Watch the cityscape of Hong Kong mirror itself in this short time lapse, The Allegory of the Cave by Visual Suspect. It’s break-your-eye-balls stunning as you try to track the movement of what you’re looking at. Hong Kong is famous for its densely packed buildings so seeing the city and its reflection in the same shot works especially well. Read More >>

Watch a Real Life Version of Aquaman’s Trident Get Made

Considering all the complicated weapons that Man at Arms has made in the past, I thought forging Aquaman’s Trident of Neptune would be relatively easy for them. But then I realised that Aquaman’s trident is actually more of a quincident since it has five points welded together. Making all those individual harpoon points from metal, welding them together, then sanding it down is a hell of a lot of work. But it’s totally worth it for such a beast of a weapon. Read More >>