Pelican Built an Indestructible Cooler In Case Your Beer Falls Off a Cliff 

If you travel with a lot of expensive camera, video, or music gear, there’s a good chance you stuff it all in a Pelican case to ensure it arrives unscathed. The company is known for its nearly indestructible cases, and now that it’s made a cooler, you’ll never have to worry about something happening to your drinks. Read More >>

Forget Coolers and Store Your Beer in this Underground Contraption

Beer coolers are a pain in the arse. First of all, you have to find a load of ice. Then, you have to pour all the ice into the cooler. And that's just the build up for a wet night full of melting ice. Thank God some zany Danes found a better way. Read More >>

A Classic Fiat 500 Had To Die So You Can Keep Your Drinks Cool

Though it was reborn back in 2007 as a similarly compact model, the original Fiat 500 showed the world, not just Europe, that you didn't need a giant land yacht of a vehicle to be comfortable. So it's a little sad to see that Smeg is working with Fiat to hack apart these iconic rides, and turn their front ends into mini fridges. Read More >>

This Insulated Blanket Keeps Your Beer Cozy and Cold

Your typical white Eskimo cooler is a cheap way to keep drinks cold and food warm or cold, but it's not very flexible. And its boxy shape is downright awkward when compared to the Wunder Bundler — an insulated blanket that can wrap up anything from a six-pack of beer to a stack of Chinese takeout containers. Read More >>

Walk-In Beer Cooler Is the Only Dorm Room You’ll Ever Need

You're already spending a small fortune on tuition, so forget paying to stay at your university's expensive dorm and just set up this Brew Cave walk-in cooler in the quad. Who needs a bed when you've got 30 cases of beer? Read More >>