A Single Typo Nearly Killed the Paris Climate Accord

Hours before the historic Paris climate accord was to be ratified in a final vote, someone noticed that a word had been changed in the final draft of the text, a single word that threatened to derail the entire deal Read More >>

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World Leaders Pull an All-Nighter to Save the Planet

The historic Paris climate talks have reached their eleventh hour, and world leaders are scrambling to put the finishing — but very important — touches on the accord that could save our planet from *dun dun DUUUN* apocalyptic climate change. Read More >>

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The Building Industry Could Cut Our Global Emissions By One Third–So Why Hasn’t It?

The building and construction industry is a massive source of global CO2 emissions but it could easily reduce its impact with existing technology. At climate talks in Paris, 18 countries and 60 organisations formed a new alliance aimed at doing just that. Read More >>

How Three Countries Being Engulfed By The Ocean May Relocate To Survive

Right now, world leaders in Paris are trying to stop climate change from altering the world inexorably. But for hundreds of thousands of people who live in some low-lying nations, it’s already late in the game. Read More >>

7 Installations Protesting Climate Change In Paris, Even If Actual Protesters Can’t

The entire world is watching as politicians pour into Paris today to decide the future of the Earth. But you might have missed what’s going on outside the summit, where dozens of activists and artists have transformed the city with installations about climate change. Read More >>

Paris is Covered in Fake Ads Mocking Climate-Talk Sponsors

UK-based activist group Brandalism has peppered the streets of Paris with 600 fake outdoor ads meant to expose the hypocrisy of COP21 Climate Conference corporate sponsors. Read More >>

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In Pictures: China is Enveloped in Thick and Dangerous Smog

Beijing is currently choking on a thick smog, with air pollution in the city over 20 times the safe levels defined by the World Health Organisation. This is what it looks like. Read More >>

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We’re Spending the Next Two Weeks Envisioning Our Future Earth

Right now, leaders from 195 countries are meeting in Paris to map out a plan for the planet’s future. Nothing like this has ever happened in our lifetimes and it’s surely just the beginning of a long process that will consume the years ahead. Read More >>