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How to Fix the Biggest Issue Plaguing UN Climate Talks

This year’s international climate talks were the longest in the negotiations’ 25-year history, ending two days late. But despite going into overtime, the talks – known as COP25 – failed to deliver any movement on the issue that was at the top of this year’s agenda (and last year’s agenda for that matter). Polluting countries blocked human rights protections and accountability measures that smaller developing countries pushed around carbon markets, all but ensuring another major showdown in 2020. Read More >>

The Future Is Calling, and It Says Act Now or We’re All Doomed

On Wednesday, young climate activists rushed the main stage at the United Nations climate talks in Madrid in protest. The talks – dubbed COP25 in UN-speak – are the latest iteration of a 25-year exercise in futility, broken promises and negligence. Young adults are sick of it. Read More >>

‘Hypocrites’: Teens Scorn UN Climate Talks, Take Over the Streets

Yesterday was Friday, so you know what that means: the teens were striking from school and hitting the streets. This time, however, the stakes felt a little bit higher as world leaders gather in Madrid, for an international climate conference where they’re supposed to be strengthening the Paris Agreement. And youth from around the globe are staying on message about the system-wide overhaul needed to save the planet from, well, ourselves. Read More >>