CD-Ripping Deemed Legal Now Everyone’s Binned Their Collections

The government's Intellectual Property Office has updated its guidelines on copyright rules, including, for the first time, a specific allowance that says making MP3 copies of CDs for your own personal use is not a crime. Read More >>

Media Centre Update Flaw Makes Unlocking Easy for Windows 8 Pirates

Microsoft has been offering Windows 8 Pro users a free upgrade to the Media Centre edition of the OS, which is very kind. What's even kinder is that this key also lets pirate users fully unlock pirated versions of the code. Read More >>

Microsoft Claims Comet Sold Bootleg Windows CDs

Poor old UK electrical retailer Comet is about to feel the full legal force of Microsoft, with the US software giant claiming Comet made and distributed over 94,000 illegal copies of Windows XP and Vista. Read More >>