New Cartoon Aims to Teach 7-Year-Olds About Copyright Infringement

There's a lot of things that kids need to learn, but I'm not sure copyright infringement would rate highly on the list. Some disagree though, as the Intellectual Property Office has come up with a series of short animated videos to teach kids about copyright and trademarking. Read More >>

Radiohead’s People Say They’re Actually Being Nice About Creepgate

Radiohead's publisher has come out in defence of its stance on the copyright case outed by singer Lana Del Rey, countering her much-publicised claim that she's being sued by the band by saying that "no lawsuit has been issued" in the case. Read More >>

Man’s YouTube Video of White Noise Hit With Five Copyright Claims

Sebastian Tomczak is a music technologist and professor who likes to upload random experiments to YouTube. One of his clips is just 10-hours of white noise that he generated with open source software. Five copyright complaints later, and some vultures are now making money off of his work. Read More >>

Who Actually Owns Your Content When You Post It to the Web

Thanks to the wonders of the web, you can get your content up and in front of an audience of millions in seconds—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you still own that photo of your dog once it is live. Signing the terms and conditions on your favourite social networks could mean signing away the rights to that video of your kid’s birthday party, or that sweet snapshot you took on vacation. So here’s what you need to know about copyright on the web, and how posting to your favourite social networks affects your ownership of what you’re posting. Read More >>

Broken Copyright Laws Are Stopping Fans from Saving Abandoned Games

Video games are a relatively new medium, so most people don’t think about what happens to them post-release, years after the shine has worn off and their player base has migrated to something newer. Often, especially when it comes to online-only MMOs like City of Heroes and The Matrix Online, these games are abandoned, as developers no longer want to foot the bill for server costs, and fans are handcuffed by copyright rules - laid down by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that prevent them from doing it themselves. Read More >>

Kodi Under Fire Again As TVAddons Goes Offline

TVAddons, a site popular with Kodi users has apparently gone offline. This has caused a lot of problems for people using various plugins to watch video on their Kodi boxes. TVAddons has been under fire recently from companies like Dish Network in the US which was suing the site for copyright infringement. Read More >>

Kodi Boxes Are Coming Under Fire For Plugins That Enable Copyright Infringement

Authorities across the world are increasingly taking action over Kodi media streaming hardware which is being sold on eBay and other sites. These boxes are pre-loaded with Kodi and a set of plugins that allow users to watch live video or movies and TV shows, all without paying a penny. Read More >>

The New Plan to Stop Internet Piracy Is Just the Old One on Steroids

After four years, the US's “six strikes” Copyright Alert System was shutdown for good last month. Now, a body of content makers and distributors are asking US lawmakers to update the DMCA system that has allowed for a more open internet with stricter rules that would require ISPs to block content. Read More >>

China Is The Worst For Stealing Photos, Study Finds

An analysis of image theft on the internet found that China is the worst for nicking other people's images and using them without permission. Read More >>

Woman’s Stolen Facebook Selfies Made Her an Accidental Porn Advertiser

Australian woman Noelle Martin is fighting a seemingly endless battle with porn sites to have her photos removed, after a series of innocent selfies she'd posted on Facebook were lifted, redistributed around porn portals, Photoshopped into new images and used to advertise services -- all without her permission or knowledge. Read More >>

Led Zeppelin Handed £620,000 Bill to Settle Plagiarism Case

The decades-long battle between Led Zeppelin and the estate of the late guitarist Randy Wolfe was settled recently, with a court deciding there weren't enough similarities between the two songs to justify a case of musical theft. Led Zep haven't got away with it entirely, though, as a judge has decided the court case had enough merit to it that the band must pay the costs. Read More >>

WordPress Names and Shames Ridiculous Takedown Requests

Wordpress owner Automattic has been quietly raging against some of the more creative abuses of the DMCA takedown procedures and general attempts to control the internet, maintaining a "Hall of Shame" tag on its official blog to out some of the worst attempts to get it to remove content. Read More >>

Musicians Ask for Change to Copyright Law to Fight YouTube Piracy

YouTube has been essential for musicians, even launching many of them to fame — but now the industry is asking for changes to a copyright law that it says protects YouTube at the expense of musicians being fairly paid. Read More >>

Government Targeting Google, Facebook and the Rest in Renewed Anti-Piracy Push

The mammoth global tech sites that allow illegal hosting of copyrighted material -- accidentally or otherwise -- may soon come under attack from the UK's Intellectual Property Office, with a new crackdown said to be planned on search engines (Google) and web sites (Facebook) that facilitate the sharing of the unshareable. Read More >>

UK’s IP Police Toughening Stance on Copyright Offenders

The UK's Intellectual Property Office is looking to adjust its strategy when it comes to enforcing copyright breaches, with the ambition of making their procedures much more watertight by the year 2020. Read More >>