A Future of Heavier Rainstorms Could Be a Death Sentence For Corals

Corals have it rough. From warming oceans to sunscreen, threats are everywhere. Now, add freshwater to the list. Read More >>

Palau Becomes First Nation to Ban Sunscreens That Harm Corals

Sunscreen is essential for any tropical trip. After all, no one’s trying to return home with red, burnt skin. Your favourite brand may soon be illegal, however, if you’re headed to Palau, a 500-island archipelago in the Pacific. Why? Because some sunscreens contain chemicals that are harmful to coral. Read More >>

Australia Pledges £274 Million to Help Save the Great Barrier Reef, But It Won’t Be Enough

The government of Australia announced on Sunday a plan to spend 500 million Australian dollars (roughly £274 million) on saving the Great Barrier Reef—the largest single investment ever committed towards the reef’s future, but that environmental activists say is still too little to preserve it in the face of climate change and ocean acidification. Read More >>

Some Good News on Coral Reefs for a Change

A global coral bleaching event that’s been killing reefs around the world since early 2015 finally appears to be ending, according to a report just released by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. That said, reefs aren’t out of hot water yet. Read More >>

Why There’s Still Hope for the World’s Coral Reefs

Last week was a sad one for the planet, but buried beneath headlines of the history’s largest carbon polluter telling everyone else to piss off, a team of researchers issued a more hopeful message: Coral reefs, a poster child for impacts of climate change, may not be as doomed as we think. Read More >>

Cruise Ship Smashes Into One of the World’s Most Beautiful Coral Reefs

A popular diving site filled with spectacular coral reefs has been severely damaged in West Papua, New Guinea, after a British-owned cruise ship got caught in low tide and slammed into it. It could take years for the reefs, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, to bounce back, and local officials want the company to pay for the damage. Read More >>

The Great Barrier Reef Just Suffered the Worst Die-Off Ever Seen

Abnormally high water temperatures caused by you-know-what are being blamed for the worst coral die-off ever recorded along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Read More >>

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Take an Underwater Tour of the Most Biodiverse Reef on Earth

Coral reefs have been having a rough time of it lately, have you heard? They’re in the midst of the largest, longest, and worst mass die-off in history. But there’s a bright spot: when humans take action to protect reefs, they tend to do better. Sometimes, they even thrive. Read More >>

Scientists Have No Idea When the Worst Coral Dieoff in History Will End

The US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released an update on the state of the Earth’s coral reefs, and it’s bleak to say the least. For the third year in a row, many reefs around the world will be exposed to hotter-than-normal temperatures, placing them at risk (again) for catastrophic die-offs. Read More >>

A Nightmare Is Unfolding In the Great Barrier Reef

If scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is on your bucket list, you might want to book tickets soon. This week, marine biologists dropped some horribly depressing news: the Great Barrier Reef is dying. The world’s largest reef is in the midst of a widespread coral bleaching event, and scientists aren’t sure whether it will fully recover. Read More >>

Your Sunscreen is Killing Earth’s Coral Reefs

If you’re one of the millions of beachgoers who slathers yourself in sunscreen before hitting the surf, here’s an additional reason to feel personally responsible for the sixth mass extinction. Your sunscreen, my sunscreen, all of our goddamn sunscreen is contributing to the death of Earth’s coral reefs. Did I mention we suck? Read More >>

This is What a Mass Die-off of Earth’s Coral Reefs Looks Like

Earlier this week, we learned that Earth’s coral reefs are in the midst of a massive dieoff, triggered by abnormally hot temperatures in ocean basins worldwide. It’s hardly the first time in recent history that we’ve witnessed a widespread coral bleaching event, and it won’t be the last. In several decades, coral reefs could literally be extinct — a striking casualty of global climate change. Read More >>

Saving Coral Reefs With… Electrified Rocks?

Biorocks might be the prettiest forms of environmental remediation you’ll ever see. Part art, part science, these artificial structures are slowly helping coral recover from environmental devastation. Read More >>