AMD’s Status Competition With Intel Ramps Up 

Almost as soon as Intel had announced its new 28-core beast, AMD took the stage at Computex and revealed the latest update to its Threadripper CPU, and it has more cores—32 cores to be exact. That’s more cores than you’ll ever need to do your tweets and fill out your spreadsheets, but this isn’t about processing, it’s about power. Read More >>

Tegra 4 Successors “Logan” and “Parker” Revealed by Nvidia Boss

Nvidia has announced new updates to the Tegra line of mobile processors that power a huge chunk of today's mobiles and tablets, with a roadmap that covers developments up to 2015 shown off by the hardware maker. Read More >>

Supposed Galaxy S4 Spec List “Confirms” Eight-Core Processor

Someone who appears to be in possession of a Galaxy S4 prototype decided it would be fun to stick a few benchmarking apps on it, giving us a look at how the phone performs and what might be inside Samsung's next Android flagship. Read More >>

One Million Computer Cores Used in Mundane Jet Noise Modelling Experiment

Researchers working in the rather niche field of turbulence dynamics have set a new multi-core computing record, using a custom app to harness one million simultaneous processor cores to model supersonic jet sounds. Read More >>