Apple Adding Desk Space for 1,000 New Employees in Ireland

The not entirely glamorous Hollyhill Industrial Estate in Cork -- where Apple's EU divisions send all their unmarked bank notes -- is set to expand, with the tech giant announcing a plan to create new building space with room for an additional 1,000 staff. Read More >>

Knives Aren’t Generally For Klutzes, But This One Kinda Is

It's always better to have control of a knife you're using, sure, but everyone makes mistakes. And you shouldn't lose a perfectly good knife just because it sinks to the bottom of a lake or the shaft cracks on your tile floor. Is the solution bouncy knives? Sort of. Read More >>

A Narrow Escape for Commuters as Roofing Collapses at Cork’s Kent Train Station

Part of the roof of Kent Train Station in Cork has collapsed, thought to be at least in part due to freak, stormy weather battering the area. Read More >>

They’ve Invented a Twist-Off Wine Cork and Life Will Never Be the Same

Just when you thought that mankind's genius could go no further, four years of research has given birth to a new apex in cork innovation. Please say hello to your newest wine-stopper, the Helix cork. Read More >>

Assembling This Table Is Just Like Uncorking a Bottle Of Wine

Skip the Ikea-imposed allen wrenches and other tools with this build-it-yourself side table that assembles using the skills you learned while uncorking countless bottles of wine. Instead of a more traditional threaded bolt, the table's three legs feature the same screw you'd find on a bottle opener, making it easy to secure them to its cork tabletop. Read More >>

An Umbrella Made of Cork to Plug Up the Rain

Totally sustainable, naturally impermeable, and protector of drinkables, cork is an incredible thing. But more than being functional, it's all the rage with the kids these days! And we can see why. This newly unveiled cork umbrella from Pelcor is lovely to look at but with the added, smug bonus of knowing your all-natural shield is renewable, too. Read More >>

These Nike Shoes Made Out of Cork Are a Cause for Celebration

We already know that cork is the most amazing material in the world to keep your wine tasty but how does the material perform elsewhere? Like, for example, in shoes. Check out these new Nike Lebron X Cork shoes. Yes, shoes that are made from cork. Read More >>