Gentrified Cornwall Wants £10 for a Posher Pasty

A Cornish pasty producer thinks he's onto a winner with a concept for a posher type of pasty, with the new recipe including such non-traditional ingredients as crab, a creamy white wine sauce and seaweed. Yours for a promotional period price of £8.75 before it goes up to £10.95 when the tourists roll up in their Range Rovers and blow the dust off their spare houses this summer. Read More >>

Cornish Leopard Recaptured After Week-Long Sheep-Eating Holiday

There's a man in Cornwall in possession of a licence to keep a leopard as a pet, and he does indeed have a leopard as a pet in Great Treverran, not far from Fowey. That's interesting enough a thing to write about on a Monday after another weekend of nothing but Trump news, but there's more. This man's in trouble because his leopard escaped for a week and is accused of eating a few local sheep. Read More >>

Bloodhound to Taxi up to 200mph in Cornwall Today

We've been getting emails about Bloodhound for years now, as every time someone files down a new bit of aluminium for the superfast jet car they bloody shout about it. Now, though, something properly exciting is about to happen. They're firing it up. At Newquay airport. Aer Lingus passengers are in for a treat. Read More >>

Don’t Rip up Ancient Graves to Make Cute Little Stone Stacks

People amusing themselves outside is usually a good thing, but not in the case of a handful of people visiting Cornwall's Stowe's Hill area who have been tearing up an ancient settlement for a laugh. Read More >>

Cornwall Hasn’t Got Enough Pirates

An attempt to break the world record for the number of pirates gathered together in one place has failed, after enthusiasm for ironic fancy dress — not stealing Game of Thrones off the internet — failed to reach anticipated highs. Read More >>

Cornish Drone Police Unit Begins Operations

Devon and Cornwall Police has launched the first full-time drone unit within the UK's police forces, which sees three officers given the job of keeping patrol of the airspace above crime and accident scenes. Read More >>

Cornish Drone Police Go Full Time

The Devon and Cornwall Police force is looking to up its drone coverage of the counties, with a job listing advertising the permanent position of drone manager -- and saying it heralds the launch of a 24/7 police drone assistance service in the region. Read More >>

Lithium Mining Could be the Next Big Thing in Cornwall

Businesses seeing profit in the vast quantities of lithium the world is using for two years then dumping in a landfill think Cornwall could be the place to be soon, as the county's currently un-dug lithium reserves might now be economically viable to recover. Get those old tin mines reopened. Read More >>

Huge Panel From Elon Musk Rocket Rocks Up on British Beach

Back in June, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket exploded catastrophically shortly after liftoff. Now, some of the debris appears to have washed up on the UK coast — over 4,000 miles from where the accident happened. Read More >>

Cornwall’s Isles of Scilly to Become Most-Connected Island Chain Ever Thanks to Fibre Broadband

The Isles of Scilly is a chain of islands 28 miles south-west of Land's End in Cornwall, and soon it could be the most connected island chain in the world thanks to a £3.7 million operation to bring fibre-optic broadband to the area. Read More >>

The Cornish are to Become a “National Minority” a Bit Like the Welsh

Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, is going to Bodmin! That's in Cornwall. It has two car parks and at least two bakeries that do very nice pasties. Alexander will use his trip to announce national minority status for the Cornish people, ranking them alongside the Scots, Welsh and Irish as a separate Celtic group. Read More >>

“No Change” Parking Meters Rake in Bonus £300k in a Year

Cornwall Council has been having a whale of a time ripping off tourists and locals, with its "no change" parking meters taking over £300,000 in excess parking fees thanks to a decision to stop handing out change. The cost of maintaining the float and an increased risk of vandalism in cash-carrying machines are the excuses for the windfall. [BBC] Read More >>

George Michael Thinks Cannabis Briefly Gave Him a West Country Accent

Let's go outside, George Michael; you're definitely in need of some fresh air if you truly believe that smoking a few joints could make you contract a wholly different accent. Read More >>

The UK Floods in Pictures: South West Submerged as Waters Break Defences

Two months of heavy rains and stormy weather has left large swathes of the UK a soggy, sodden mess. Floods have caused damage to some 1,600 properties (mainly in the South West of England), and there seems little sign of the sorry weather abating. Read More >>

Devon and Cornwall Police Blocked From Web Porn and Gambling 2,700 Times in Three Months

Bobbies out on the, ahem, beat, in Devon and Cornwall have been caught trying to access pornographic and gambling related materials from force computers more than 2,700 times over the past three months. Pop-up adverts from "legitimate" websites were to blame say police officials. Yeah, like we haven't heard that one before... Read More >>