Huawei Now Just Trolling US by Dredging Up Edward Snowden

“Prism, prism on the wall, who’s the most trustworthy of them all?” said Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping on stage on Tuesday at Mobile World Congress 2019. But Guo wasn’t talking about Snow White. He was poking fun at the massive surveillance programs maintained by the United States. Read More >>

US Department of Justice Charges Huawei, Alleging Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, and Theft of Trade Secrets

The U.S. Justice Department on Monday announced two indictments against the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, which it said is accused of theft of trade secrets, obstructing justice, and lying to banks over its alleged non-compliance with U.S. sanctions against Iran. Read More >>

Nine Charged in Plot to Steal Samsung’s Hyped Foldable Phone Technology

While the jury is still out on how practical bendy phone screens will be, the tech behind them is still one of the most lucrative trade secrets in the industry. So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that the CEO of a Samsung supplier and eight employees have been charged by South Korean officials for trying to sell the flexible screen tech to a Chinese competitor. Read More >>

Someone Stole Sweet Prototypes From Razer’s CES Booth

Razer had some of the coolest tech of CES in 2017. First there was the enormous 17-inch 12K laptop with three screens and enough LEDs to light a small runway. Then there was the sleek alien-looking projector that expanded a game’s image well beyond the edges of the TV screen. We were impressed with these prototypes. So were some thieves, who stole at least two prototype samples from Razer’s booth during the show. Read More >>