Scientists Say Medieval Villagers Mutilated Corpses to Prevent a Zombie Apocalypse

The discovery of mutilated and burnt human bones in an English grave pit supports the theory that medieval villagers thought the dead could rise from their graves, spreading disease and attacking the living. Read More >>

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Should You Become a Corpse This Halloween, Drink a Corpse Reviver

“There are no Halloween cocktails,” someone once said on Twitter, and they might be right. I tried to find a pumpkin one that didn’t taste like baby food and I failed—no pumpkin spice martini for you. Fear not, I wouldn’t leave you out in the cold: A Corpse Reviver is the perfect Halloween treat. Read More >>

Your Decaying Corpse Becomes a Factory of Toxic Chemicals After You Die

What happens after we die? Spiritually, who knows. Physically? Your body becomes a festering production line, spewing out more than 400 nasty compounds that would be toxic to your body if you weren't already dead, as Scientific American explains in this unsettlingly cheery animation. Read More >>

The Mystery of Sir James Tillie’s Missing Corpse

Sir James Tillie was, by all accounts, a slightly strange chap. An eccentric Cornish landowner, he had a rather unique burial after his death, and to this day the location of his final resting place is a myth. Grave robbers need not fear, however; a new restoration of his mausoleum looks set to reveal the location of Britain’s most eccentric and elusive corpse. Read More >>

Where to Check In After You’ve Checked Out

The rising death rate in Japan has lengthened the average wait for cremation to roughly four days. That's a long 96 hours to let you lay there and ripen. So what do you do after shuffling off this mortal coil? You get yourself to a corpse hotel, obviously. Read More >>