‘Crown Prince Of Samsung’ Arrested, May Become Crown Prince Of Prison

It's more bad news for Samsung as its de-facto leader, Jay Y. Lee, has been arrested in South Korea in an ongoing investigation into bribery and corruption. Read More >>

“Crown Prince of Samsung” Avoids Arrest – For The Time Being

The warrant to arrest top Samsung exec Jay Y. Lee has been dismissed today by a court in South Korea and the de-facto company head has been allowed to leave the Seoul Detention Centre where he was being held, reports Reuters. Known in local media as the "Crown Prince of Samsung," Vice Chairman Lee leads the company in the absence of his chairman father Lee Kun-hee, who had a heart attack in 2014. Read More >>

Blatter and Platini Banned From All Football as Judge Rejects Oral Agreement

FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA chief Michel Platini have been banned from all football-related activities for eight years, with immediate effect. It’s the best news we’ve heard since Leicester City beat Chelsea last week, and will have football fans all over the globe nodding their approval, while thinking "Fucking finally." Read More >>

No Joke: Ex-FIFA Official Defends Himself Using “The Onion”

FIFA might be under fire, but it seems that its executives are fighting back against corruption charges. Former President of CONCACAF (that's the North American and Caribbean equivalent of UEFA) Jack Warner has posted a video to YouTube defending himself against the allegations. There's just one problem... one of the news stories he cites in his defence is from veteran satirists The Onion. Read More >>

Criminals Got Off the Hook by Bribing London’s Police

A report into police corruption claims that criminal gangs were able to access Metropolitan Police files pretty much at will, bribing their way into confidential murder investigation reports and learning about surveillance operations so some could evade prosecution. Read More >>

Staff of China’s Biggest Search Engine Delete User Content For Cash

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Baidu, China's biggest search company, is sacking staff because they've been deleting users' posts for cash. Read More >>

Sony and Fujifilm Preparing to Bail Out Disaster-Struck Olympus

Sony, Fuji and several other companies have made offers to team up with battered camera maker Olympus, with the Japanese giant said to be considering offers of partnership deals with its local rivals. Read More >>

Olympus Scandal Results In Top Executive Death

The long running Olympus corruption scandal that saw ties with the mob, hiding loses and executives leaving left and right has taken another sad turn with the apparent suicide of one of its top executives, Tsutomi Omori in New Delhi. Read More >>