The First Man To Walk In Space Almost Got Stuck Out There

Today I found out that the first man to walk in space almost got stuck out there. That lucky individual was Alexei Leonov, who was born in the Soviet Union on May 30, 1934. He was one of the twenty Soviet Air Force Pilots to be chosen for the first cosmonaut group. Read More >>

Astronauts Arrive Home in a Brilliant Ball of Fire

Without any context, it looks like something has gone terribly, terribly wrong in the photo above taken around midnight last night. But that little ball engulfed in flames is doing just fine—and so are the three members of the International Space Station Expedition 36 that were snuggly inside and on their way home. Read More >>

Wide-Body Cosmonaut Stylus Is Easy on the Eyes and Easier on the Hands

Most styluses are designed to look and feel like a pen — great for writing, terrible for drawing. That's why this new stylus from Studio Neat is built like a crayon. Read More >>