Costa Now Lets You Skip the Queue by Pre-Ordering Your Drinks

These days, thanks to the wonders of the internet, queuing may seem a bit excessive. You're in a rush, just like everyone else, so why can't you order in advance and have what you need ready to go when you arrive? Following in the footsteps of other, similar companies, Costa has just announced it's going to offer that. So you can book your morning large, low-fat, sugar free, pumpkin spice latteccino before you step foot in your local branch. Read More >>

Costa’s New Reusable Cup Can Pay for its Contents

Reusable cups are all the rage these days, because we realised that it's quite difficult to deal with those paper things coffee shops normally hand out. Also we like saving money, and we've started having to pay more for not being environmentally conscious. Well the whole process is starting to get more convenient, because Costa and Barclaycard have developed a contactless cup that can pay for its own contents. Read More >>

Costa and Co-op Open New Branches in the Actual Coronation Street

ITV and high street behemoths Co-op and Costa Coffee have signed a deal to bring a new level of mundane reality to Coronation Street, with a product placement arrangement seeing Co-op and Costa shop fronts added to the background imagery of the soap opera. Read More >>

Costa Orders Up a Free Wi-Fi-Shaped Beverage From O2

O2 and Costa have struck a deal to provide free-to-everyone Wi-Fi in every Costa shop across the land. The roll out will take all of 2012 to complete, but it's already started in London, expanding O2's Wi-Fi footprint across the country in its battle with the now Sky-owned The Cloud. Read More >>

Giant Airbags Will Be Used To Float the Costa Concordia Back To Port

Starting next month the salvage operation for the capsized Costa Concordia will begin, with American and Italian companies being chosen to work together to bring the £400 million cruise ship back to port in one piece. Read More >>