Councils Profit From Fines for Dog Walking, Cycling and Sleeping Rough

The UK's councils have cottoned on to a money making scheme enabled by the use of public spaces protection orders, using rules to ban things hyper-locally and enforce fines for everything from walking dogs in the wrong places to riding a bike incorrectly, and even issuing tickets for begging or sleeping rough. Read More >>

Councils Spend £5.4m on “Pauper’s Graves”

All the little councils of the UK are quietly racking up huge bills for burying people who made it to death with no friends or surviving relatives, with a total bill of £5.4m for taking caring of solitary deceased people landing on the 1970s desks of councillors last year. Read More >>

Water Cremation Plan Suspended Because No One’s Last Wish is to be Flushed Away

Apparently, the future of disposing of bodies is a process that's known as alkaline hydrolysis, or a "water cremation" to make it sound a little nicer. It's where the body is placed in a tank and mixed with chemicals until the meaty bits dissolve, then it's swished away down the plug hole and the relatives are presented with the ground-up bones of their beloved. It's sounds pretty unappealing, but then again so does being burned and buried in an inescapable box. Read More >>

Herefordshire Council IT System Accidentally Tries to Send Kids to All the Schools

Herefordshire Council has angered masses of parents within its catchment area, after a computer problem -- or a man in charge of a computer problem -- saw acceptance emails wrongly sent to parents who'd applied for places at schools. Read More >>

Bored Council Workers Are Flouting Porn and Social Media Rules

The temptations of being stuck on a computer while doing a boring job were too much fgor some council workers last year, with a series of Freedom of Information requests revealing that 51 council employees were suspended for breaking social media rules -- and 11 earned a suspension for looking at porn. Read More >>

Local Councils Forced to Welcome Live-Tweeters, Bloggers and Video Cameras

The hotbed of angst and bitterness that is your average local council meeting will now be fully open to the public, with Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Local Government, demanding local councillors let themselves be photographed, filmed and tweeted about while doing their business. Read More >>

Street Lights 2.0: Let There Be iPad-Controlled Light

Westminster Council has announced that, following a successful pilot scheme, it will give all 14,000 of its street lights brains over the next four years. The smart bulbs will work in a similar way to the Philips Hue range, in that they can be controlled remotely via an engineers iPad. Read More >>