Council Rules Santa Must Be a Man

An historic decision has been passed by Great Aycliffe Town Council's Recreation Committee, which has ruled that the role of Santa Claus, who is also known to operate under the street name of Father Christmas and various other international pseudonyms, must always be played by a man. Read More >>

24,000 Mile of Roads Need Their Potholes Filling

It's not just you and your neighbours that feel like their part of the world is falling apart due to the spread of potholes — it's everyone, everywhere. That's what the fantastically named Asphalt Industry Alliance says, which has surveyed all of our councils and found that some 24,000 miles of road need fixing up after the winter peeled the layers of tarmac away like rotten onion skin. Read More >>

Cornwall Crowned Public Toilet Capital of the UK

An organisation that calls itself the Great British Public Toilet Map (GBPTM) -- described as the UK's largest database of publicly accessible toilets -- has broken down the numbers and dropped a load of fat, juicy, public toilet-related nuggets of wisdom to mark World Toilet Day. Read More >>

Scottish Council Rejigs Pothole Rules to Cut Repair Costs

Today’s episode of Council Gaffe of the Week (it should be a real show) features Perth and Kinross Council, which has decided that it’s worth risking people’s safety in order to save cash. The local authority has ruled that potholes need to be at least 60mm deep for it to consider filling them. The previous minimum depth was 40mm, so it’s a significant alteration to the rules. Read More >>

Cornwall Council Furious Over BT’s £260m IT System Failures

BT's just been lambasted by the Cornish, with Cornwall Council officers claiming they've had two years of IT hell since handing BT a £260m contract to handle their computer and human resources needs. Read More >>

Government May Cut Parking Fines to Kill Council’s Cash Cows

Minor parking rule breaches might soon be treated with equally minor financial penalties, with the government said to be thinking of asking councils to lower the minimum fixed fees levied on tiny driving offences like spending five minutes too long trudging around your depressed high street. Read More >>

Holographic Receptionists Installing Themselves Over Here, Taking Our Jobs

Local council staff are about to become even more robotic and unresponsive than usual, thanks to Brent council launching a new holographic receptionist. She's called Shanice and will point you in the right direction if you need the toilet, apparently. Read More >>

Anonymous Hacking Collective Turns its Full Might on Mole Valley District Council

The web site belonging to Mole Valley District Council has been hacked, with site admins claiming Anonymous hackers are behind the assault. Pages on the Surrey council portal's site were defaced with references to David Miranda, the man held by UK immigration in one of the latest twists to the global spy scandal. Read More >>