Why Cities Are Where They Are in the World

Have you ever wondered why the world’s largest cities sprout up where they sprout up? It has a lot to do with water, natural resources, history, and being in the northern hemisphere. Read More >>

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Finding Out Random Facts About Half the Countries in the World Is So Much Fun

If you’re a map nerd, a history buff, someone who likes to travel, or just a person who enjoys learning new things, the latest video from Wendover Productions is an absolute delight to watch. Read More >>

This Map Shows How Bloody Massive the British Empire Was

Which empire was the biggest throughout history? Which had the most people? Which had the biggest contiguous empire? The map below details all the most powerful empires from history and shows the area each empire covered, the amount of people they had under their rule, the year they reached their political height, the period of time they reigned, and who their most famous ruler was. Read More >>

UK Sits at 10th in Global Cost of Living Chart

Stats collating the cost of living for 119 countries show that UK's the tenth costliest place to live and work, in a survey that takes into account the prices of food, utilities, transport and eating out. Read More >>

Ireland Ranked “Best Country” in International Good-Doing League

Ireland has been tagged the best country in the world, as part of an odd attempt to combine historical achievements with global contributions and somehow rank all of the countries in the world. Read More >>

What Military Ration Packs Look Like Around the World

Different armies, same soul evaporating packaged foods for army rations. Okay, that's not exactly fair. Some countries obviously have it better than others (I'm looking at you France) but at the end of the day, most armies around the world are eating out of pouches and cans and what looks like condom wrappings. Read More >>

A Map of What Every Single Country Leads the World In

Congratulations, America! You have more lawnmower deaths than anywhere in the world. Likewise, cheers to Madagascar on the lemurs. It turns out that if you look hard enough, every country is the best at something. And this wonderful map from Doghouse Diaries looks very, hilariously hard. Read More >>

A Map of the Countries That Censor the Internet

Green shows the countries you want to live in because they have little to no Internet censorship. Yellow reveals countries that you might not want to stay in too long because they might increase censorship in the future. If you love the Internet, you should probably avoid every other colour because they all have different degrees of censorship, with pink being the most pervasive (grey is not classified). Read More >>

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What Travelling to Every Country in the World Looks Like in 4 Minutes

This is insane. Well only insane because I'm insanely jealous of amazing world crusader Graham Hughes. Hughes travelled to all 201 countries in the world plus 15 assorted territories without even flying. Even better, Hughes recorded a quick video of every single country he visited so we can all see what it's like to truly travel the entire world in 4 minutes. Read More >>

The Top 10 Countries Who Request Data from Tech Companies

Spoiler alert: the country that requests the most data from tech companies is the US. This should really be no surprise for anyone who's been following the news lately but their dominance is actually pretty admirable. Take that you Frenchies! Read More >>

What Different Countries Eat to Cure Hangovers

Drinking makes for awesome nights but terrible mornings. Why? Because alcohol evaporating from your body makes your throat feel forever in need of water; your brain's wrinkles feel non-existant, and your life is questioned by yourself because of your own drunk decisions. Hangovers, man. What do you do to cure a hangover? Read More >>

Reimagined Flags Based on National Stereotypes are Awesome Art

Kirill Zaytsev's "Flagsters: Flags Letters Countries & Stereotypes" is a visual experiment using national flags and their verbal stereotypes to reimagine pre-existing national designs. Read More >>