Ministry of Defence Says No to Lakes Zip Wires

Those arguing against plans to erect a zip wire ride in the Lake District have had a powerful ally join the team, with the Ministry of Defence lodging an objection against the scheme on the grounds that it could cause a risk to low-flying pilots training in the area. Read More >>

Birmingham Wood in Lockdown Due to Drugs and Dogging

The bluebells of Uffmoor Wood in Halesowen will be going unsniffed and unphotographed from now on, as the Woodland Trust has locked off the site because it was being used by locals in the wrong way. Read More >>

Over 10 Per Cent of the UK’s Wildlife Hotspots Have Been “Lost or Damaged” Since 2009

Stats from the Willdlife Trusts, which monitors nearly 5,000 wildlife areas in the UK, say more than one in ten of the UK's hidden little gatherings of animals and brambles and stuff have disappeared or been at least partially trashed in the last five years. Read More >>

EE’s Firing 4G Into the Cumbrian Wilderness

EE's extending its 4G rollout into the Cumbrian countryside meaning those without fibre, or even 'high speed' broadband for that matter, could just hook onto the wireless waves of LTE instead, with average speeds around 8-12Mbps and peaks of 20Mbps. Has rural high-speed internet finally arrived? Read More >>