Oh No, Is Microsoft Going to Make Another Damn Dual-Screen Gadget?

Maybe it’s the Courier part two, a new member of the Surface family, or the long-rumoured Surface phone, but whatever is being shown in a recently discovered patent filing by Microsoft looks pretty interesting. Read More >>

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Microsoft Courier Concept Rises Again in Windows 8 App “Project Austin”

Anyone remember Microsoft's Courier concept? Pretty nifty, huh? While it might have an unofficial spiritual-successor in the equally neat iPad app Taposé, a group of developers from Microsoft's Visual C++ team are bringing back some of the Courier inspiration to the Windows camp via a Windows 8 app codenamed Project Austin, which allows you to do all sorts of things with your notes. Read More >>

Courier Corpse Cock-Up Ships a Dead Woman’s Torso to an Unsuspecting Office Block

Imagine you’re just minding your own business, doing your day job and unpacking the morning's post. You find something quite large, but that’s not unusual. You hurriedly strip away the packaging on the box marked “perishable”, but instead of steaks or some other fancy food you find a human arm. If that wasn’t enough you dig a little deeper and find the whole chest of a deceased woman – would you freak out? Is someone trying to send you a message? Read More >>

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Paper for iPad Hands-On: So This Is What Microsoft’s Former Courier Employees Were Working On

Like Tapose, which made its debut on the iPad yesterday, Paper is a place to store ideas. But unlike the former — which is backed by J. Allard, the latter is more sketchbook than scrapbook, and comes from a group of individuals — FiftyThree, Inc. — who once worked on the now-defunct Courier project. Read More >>

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That Awesome Microsoft Courier Folding-Tablet Concept Has Been Reborn as an iPad App

Remember that awesome Courier folding tablet concept from the father of the Xbox that Microsoft killed in favour of Windows 8? It’s finally available (kind of) in iPad app form, which lets you go split-screen on your Apple tablet for some proper multitasking. Read More >>

Why Microsoft Chose Windows 8 Over Courier

Cnet is delving further into the death of the Microsoft Courier, looking at the differences between Steven Sinoksky and J Allard, who ran the Windows 8 and Courier projects respectively. They say that Sinofsky's business-minded pragmatism and Windows 7 salvage job ultimately swayed Ballmer to follow his vision. Read More >>

The True Story of the Microsoft Courier’s Tragic Death

The Microsoft Courier died an unfortunate death, which was somewhat shrouded in mystery. Now Cnet has the full story, which chalks it up to bureaucracy, a fear of losing its corporate customer base, and an unyielding loyalty to established brands like Windows. Read More >>