Deliveroo’s New Insurance Gives Staff Some Things Proper Employees Take For Granted

Gig economy workers like Deliveroo have spent a lot of time deflecting criticism about how it classifies the people that work for them. They're self-employed, according to the companies themselves, and because they work for themselves head office isn't responsible for the kinds of things they'd get if the staff were classified as workers or employees. Read More >>

Delivery Robots To Be Trialled In London

We've talked about Starship Technologies' adorabrilliant delivery robots before, and now they're trundling their way to Southwark in a trial for courier Hermes. Read More >>

Zavvi Detonates its Reputation With Legal Threat to Customers Mistakenly Sent PS Vitas

Media shop Zavvi suffered a bit of an internal mix-up recently, accidentally dispatching a PS Vita console to people who'd only ordered the Vita game Tearaway. Rather than laugh it off and stomach the loss, it's demanding the return of the Vitas and is behaving rather menacingly toward those who refuse to comply. Read More >>

You’ll Be Able to Live-Track Your Amazon Deliveries Right to Your Door (and Get 15-Minute Delivery Windows)

You'll soon be able to watch some Amazon and ASOS deliveries trundle across the country and up to your doorstep LIVE, thanks to courier firms Interlink and DPD launching a tracking service that monitors the whereabouts of your stuff and gives you a precise 15-minute arrival window. Read More >>