Apple Geniuses Finally Finish Working on Covent Garden Store

The flagship Apple store in Covent Garden will reopen on the 26th of October after three months closed for refurbishment. Read More >>

Giant, Rotating Mirrors to Turn Covent Garden’s Market Building Into a Drunk’s Nightmare

A bunch of creative types have decided to install a load of mirrors around Covent Garden, because passers-by are frightening to look at, and desperately need to sharpen themselves up. I kid, of course. Design agency Sculptivate says its installation will provide new perspectives and encourage visitors to enjoy a moment of reflection. Read More >>

Engineer Art Chops Covent Garden Building in Half

This clever piece of design work used structural engineers, steelworkers, carpenters, artists and robots to build, with over 100 people coming together to create the illusion that the front of the Covent Garden piazza is somehow crumbling and floating away. Read More >>

Apple Covent Garden break-in
Monday Morning Smash ‘N Grab at Apple’s Covent Garden Store

Kick-starting Monday at 1am, Apple's largest central London store, Covent Garden, has been robbed by a gang of 14 helmeted-men making off with a collection of Apple's latest kit. The Rozzers have arrested two so far. [BBC, Rob Shoesmith] Read More >>