O2 Makes Many 4G Network Enhancement Claims

Mobile network O2 has sent us a thing which at first glance appears to closely resemble news, as it contains numbers and makes promises and exudes general positivity about the enhanced size and coverage of its 4G network in the UK. Read More >>

Three Complains About Vodafone’s Connectivity Boasts

The UK's advertising watchdog has given us a look into how our mobile networks try to nibble away at each other, publishing details of a case where Three complained about network boasts made by Vodafone -- as if anyone actually believes what any of them say. Read More >>

Can You Use a Fridge as a Faraday Cage?

Earlier this week a New York Times article claimed that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asked a group of lawyers visiting him to put their mobile phones in the fridge — the idea being that it would act as a Faraday cage. But does it actually work? Read More >>

Blazing 4G
EE’s 4G Network Hits 50 Per Cent of the UK: Are You Covered Now?

Another 12 more towns across the UK have just had their 4G switch flipped, bringing EE's LTE network to some 50 per cent of the UK population. 74 towns and cities are now 4G-enabled, but does that mean your neck of the woods is now basking in super-speed mobile broadband? Read More >>

EE’s Pushing 4G Out to 27 More Towns By June

EE's progressive 4G network rollout is continuing at a rapid pace. It's just switched on LTE coverage in nine more towns, and now it's committed to delivering the blazing speeds of 4G to 27 more towns across the UK, including Oxford, Blackpool, Milton Keynes, and Guildford. Read More >>

EE Flicks the 4G-Switch on Nine More UK Towns

Good news 4G-lovers -- EE's just flipped the switch on nine more towns across the UK, bringing the total to 27 towns and cities, which is meant to be 45 per cent of the UK population. Awesome. Read More >>

Reason For Bad Signal #37: You’re in a Faraday Cage Fight

Dammit, it's hard to get a decent mobile data connection sometimes. Are the walls thick in your building? Are you surrounded by exotic electrical equipment that's causing interference? Or did you just stumble into a cage fight by accident? Read More >>

4G Coverage Patchy in Manchester, With Less Than Half the City Centre Connectable

Tests on EE's new 4G network in Manchester have found it to be a rather patchy experience in these early days, with fewer than half of the city centre test locations able to connect to the new LTE service. Read More >>

New UK Mobile Coverage Checker Splits Voice Quality From Data Speed

A new way of mapping mobile data coverage is now live in the UK, which generates vastly more local and useful data than that provided by the networks -- and also separates call quality from data connectivity. Read More >>

The BBC Is Changing Up The Red Button

It looks like the BBC will be making some changes to the Red Button service over the next few weeks, chopping up a few things, but also adding a few new things for our brightly Internet-connected future. Read More >>

The BBC’s Olympic Coverage Was a Gold Medal-Deserving Triumph

The BBC did a cracking job covering the London Olympics -- too right, we last had it in 1948, so of course Auntie was going to go all-out with her coverage! Spanning 24 different live channels, online and on mobile, the coverage left absolutely nothing in the dark so you could follow your favourite sport right from the get-go. And follow it you did, according to stats the Beeb released this week. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Boast They Won’t Crumble Under Olympic Data Assault

The main UK mobile networks all seem rather confident they'll be able to handle demand for services in and around the Olympic sites, with numerous claims of increased capacity and a general aura of readiness for our Olympic-sized mobile data use. Read More >>

Lack of signal
Ofcom 2011 Infrastructure Report Shows 30 Per Cent Of UK Not Covered By 3G

Ofcom has published a revised version of its infrastructure report for 2011. The good news is that 73 per cent of UK households get 3G from all networks; but 30 per cent of the country isn't covered by 3G at all. Read More >>

Government Throws Money at Mobile — £150m to Boost UK Coverage

George Osborne has magicked up some money to help boost the UK's mobile infrastructure, finding and promising to spend £150m on enhancing the UK's mobile network -- so 99 per cent of the country will soon get a signal. Read More >>