GCHQ Crackers Decode Frank Sidebottom’s Mysterious Glyphs

The deskbound security police at GCHQ have solved one of the comedy world's smallest and strangest mysteries, after a clue gave them a leg up in decoding messages drawn on the merchandise of big head mode comedian Chris Sievey. Read More >>

Super-Long Passwords Now Guessable by Open-Source Cracker

The concept of using lengthy sentences for passwords (as popularised by that one about the horse) isn't as safe as it once was, thanks to a widely-used offline hashed password guessing tool getting an update to support 55-character phrases. Read More >>

Qantas Grounds an A380 Because of Cracks in Its Wings

Last month, engineers found small cracks in the wings of Singapore Airlines' A380s. Now, Qantas has been forced to ground one of its A380s because of the same problem. Read More >>

Symantec Tells PCAnywhere Users To… Stop Using It

Security specialist Symantec has asked users of its remote desktop management tool PCAnywhere to stop using it, while it works on a fix for security issue. Read More >>