Researchers Figured Out How to Turn 3D Models Into Cute Knitted Toys

If you consider yourself a master of the yarn but have grown tired of knitting socks, sweaters, and scarves, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Textiles Lab are about to breath new life into your craft with software that can turn almost any 3D model into a knitting pattern. Read More >>

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This Tiny Paper Organ Deserves Its Own Jam Band

A pipe organ can cost more than £150,000 and weigh thousands of pounds. Not this instrument. The paper organ built by master craftsman Aliaksei Zholner costs and weights only a fraction of that — and it works just like the real thing. Read More >>

How Long Will It Take Your Furball to Shred One of These Incredible Cardboard Cathouses?

Cardboard has long served as an inexpensive plaything for cats. It’s a cheap material you can use to build a climbing structure, or a cozy place for them to hide. Far from a weekend craft project, these cardboard landmarks won’t be an eyesore sitting in the corner of your living room. Read More >>

Hot Water and Ice Power This Motor Made of Paper

If you’re going to bother tackling a craft project, it might as well do something interesting when you’re done with it. Aliaksei Zholner used his skills with paper and glue to build a working Stirling engine powered by a bowl of hot water and a handful of ice cubes. Read More >>

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Vase Made of 256 Crayons Must Smell Amazing

A melted brick of crayons on a lathe combines everything I love about craftsmanship with everything I remember enjoying about a spirograph. The toys get bigger, but we never really grow up. Read More >>

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Crochet Yourself This X-Wing Blanket If You Love Star Wars and Are Constantly Cold

How’s a guy supposed to blow up the Death Star from the comfort of his own living room? Naturally, through the ancient Jedi technique of crochet. Read More >>

You Can Finally Buy Pre-Folded Paper Airplanes in Bulk

The internet brought countless innovations to the world, one of which being the ability to pawn off hard work onto someone else, anywhere on earth, for a price. For example, if you need 500 paper airplanes but don’t want to waste hours folding them, you can now just buy them in bulk. Read More >>

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Watching a Machinist Make an Entire Clock From Scratch Is So Soothing

A velvet-voiced Australian craftsman named Chris shows you how to make a skeleton clock from scratch at home on his YouTube channel, Clickspring. It's incredibly soothing. Read More >>

Mother Makes Knitted Version of Her Son For Cuddling, Still Can’t Understand Why Real One Won’t

It’s a good day to be frustrated with something ridiculous your parents did, because Marieke Voorsluijs will help put it in perspective. Frustrated with her teenage son’s reluctance to cuddle, she created a knitted doppleganger of him that makes whatever stupid thing your parents did seem not so terrible. Read More >>

Make Yourself a Working Thermometer Scarf That Actually Shows the Temperature

Feeling extra-confident in your crafting skills after knitting yourself a pair of Netflix-pausing socks? Take your newfound skills to the next level by now making yourself a comfy cosy scarf that not only looks like a giant thermometer around your neck, it works like one too. Read More >>

Robots are Making Adorable Paper Snowflakes to Give Us a False Sense of Security

Dear robots of the world, don’t for a second think you’re fooling us with adorable demonstrations of your crafting capabilities this Christmas. Because one second you’re making paper snowflakes, and the next you’re using those same scissors to usurp your human handlers. We’re on to you! Read More >>

Super Steady Hands Built This Working V8 Engine From Paper

The real thing can weigh upwards of 250 kilos, but the V8 engine built by Aliaksei Zholner would barely register on a scale because it’s only slightly larger than a ping-pong ball and made from nothing but paper and glue. Read More >>

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No Star Wars Fan Could Resist Photos of You on This Tauntaun Skin Rug

Your standard alluring, boudoir-style photo usually sees someone stretched out on a bear skin rug. But if the only thing you're looking for in a partner is an obsession with Star Wars, perhaps a photo of yourself sprawled across this life-size tauntaun skin rug would serve as a better dating site profile pic. Read More >>