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Crash Test Dummy Failures Send Them Flying Off Roller Coaster Into Nearby Hotel

Stories about amusement parks are typically dominated by two topics: either the opening of a new attraction or the catastrophic failure of an old one. This time it was neither, as two crash test dummies designed to ensure a roller coaster was operating safely failed, causing them to be launched through the roof of a nearby hotel. Read More >>

Please Enjoy This Compilation of NASA Test Dummies Having Their Day Ruined

NASA test dummies go through a lot so humans don’t have to. They get used for brutal impact tests, and sometimes said tests don’t go so well... for the dummies, not necessarily the scientists. Read More >>

This Is How NASA Tests Its Return Capsules for Landings at Sea

If you’ve ever wondered what happens at the moment that an astronaut’s return capsule hits the sea, you’re not alone. NASA engineers think about it rather a lot, which is why they’ve been dropping the new Orion module, full of crash-test dummies, into a huge swimming pool. Read More >>

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NASA’s New Test Pilots Look Like Total Dummies

Building a safe spacecraft is in some ways like building a safe car: If you don’t want your astronauts to die, you need to test the vehicle thoroughly. And just like cars, that means using crash test dummies. Read More >>

Toyota’s Crash Test Simulators Now Account for Bodies Braced for Impact

An accident can happen in a split second when you’re driving, but studies have shown that half the time the human body is still able to quickly take defensive action before the impact. So Toyota has upgraded its crash test simulation software with improved virtual muscles to take this into account. Read More >>

Male Crash Test Dummies Put the Ladies at Risk

Remember the annoying rapping crash test dummies Larry and Vince? The fact that it was Larry and Vince and not Larry and Veronica has been putting women in disproportionate danger. Read More >>