Crayola is Introducing a Brand New Shade of Blue

Back in March Crayola announced that it was ditching the long-lasting Dandelion Yellow crayon in favour of something else. Over the weekend that new colour was revealed to be a brand new shade of blue. It's just like that bloody dress all over again. Read More >>

Instead of Pixels, Crayola’s New Kids’ Tablet Is Filled With Sand

If you’ve ever scribbled your name in the sand on the beach with a stick, you’ll understand where Crayola found the inspiration for its new drawing tablet for kids. The biggest advantage of the Sand Scribbler, though, is that there’s no risk of a drawing or doodle being erased by the incoming tide.Instead of Pixels, Crayola's new Kids' Tablet Is Filled With Sand Read More >>

Turn Crayola Markers Into Spray Paint Without all those Nasty Fumes

Graffiti and vandalism might be illegal, but as Banksy has proved, there’s a lot of money to be had in artfully tagging buildings. So instead of steering your kids toward a career path in medicine, Crayola’s updated Air Marker Sprayer might prepare them for a future as a renegade artist. Read More >>

Crayola Now Has Its Own Line of Colouring Books For Adults

Crayola has always been the first name in colouring innovation, so it’s surprising it wasn’t the company behind the recent trend in adult colouring books. But now it’s showing everyone how it’s done with its own line of wonderfully-detailed colouring books targeted at those who are already masters of staying within the lines. Read More >>

I Want to Eat all of These Neat Little Crayola-Sculpture Creations

These are the tiny sculptures of Hoang Tran, an artist who likes to make popular characters out of crayons. From The Simpsons to Star Wars, he has them all. They are so cool and lickable that I want to eat all these Crayolas more than ever. Read More >>

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Watching Crayons Being Made is Even More Fun Than Using Them

We're all kind of old. It's OK! Happens to everyone. And while our collective childlike wonder at the world has been gradually erased by the realities of Life, there are still a few simple things that wield the power to make us go "Ooooh." Crayons are kind of like that. Turns out, how they're made is just as fun as making art with the finished paper-wrapped product. Read More >>

The Sketch Wizard Tracer Turns Anyone Into a Photocopier

It's been said that 'while good artists copy, great artists steal'. But what about those lacking any artistic talent at all? They trace, and their copied creations will be all the more authentic with Crayola's new Sketch Wizard contraption that lets anyone reproduce sketches of other pictures, or even 3D models. Read More >>

Dual-Tipped Stylus Helps Kids Make Shoddy Drawings in 3D

The holidays are quickly approaching and you know what that means: you don't have a lot of time left to find some way to distract annoying kids that could be visiting. Thankfully Griffin's got you covered with a new Crayola dual-tipped stylus for creating anaglyph 3D images on a touchscreen device. Read More >>

Griffin Seeks the Inner Child in You With Crayola-Branded Accessories

I remember the pure and simple fun of colouring-in with crayons as a kid, even though I had zero artistic talent. Griffin’s hoping to tap into that child-like wonder with its new range of Crayola-branded headphones and customisable iPhone and iPod touch cases for your kids. Read More >>