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Watch This Sculptor Recreate Raiders of the Lost Ark’s Creepiest Scene Using Crayons and a Hair Dryer

If made today, the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene with Major Toht’s grisly demise would undoubtedly be created using a digital stunt double and complex CG fluid simulations. But in the early ‘80s, old-school practical effects were still a Hollywood staple, and using crayons, sculptor Steven Richter demonstrates just how simple it is to make someone look like they’re melting away. Read More >>

Crayola’s New Pen Writes On Any Surface Using Melted Crayons as Ink

Working in a similar fashion to 3D-printing pens, but without the futile exasperation of actually trying to make 3D objects, Crayola’s new Crayon Melter turns colourful sticks of wax into a thick, goopy, ink that lets kids write on almost any surface imaginable. Can you hear the sound of parents crying in the distance? Read More >>

Crayola is Introducing a Brand New Shade of Blue

Back in March Crayola announced that it was ditching the long-lasting Dandelion Yellow crayon in favour of something else. Over the weekend that new colour was revealed to be a brand new shade of blue. It's just like that bloody dress all over again. Read More >>

Crayola Deletes Dandelion Yellow from History

It's #NationalCrayonDay apparently, and king of the wax stick Crayola has used it to announce the death of an entire colour. Read More >>

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Vase Made of 256 Crayons Must Smell Amazing

A melted brick of crayons on a lathe combines everything I love about craftsmanship with everything I remember enjoying about a spirograph. The toys get bigger, but we never really grow up. Read More >>

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Watching Crayons Being Made is Even More Fun Than Using Them

We're all kind of old. It's OK! Happens to everyone. And while our collective childlike wonder at the world has been gradually erased by the realities of Life, there are still a few simple things that wield the power to make us go "Ooooh." Crayons are kind of like that. Turns out, how they're made is just as fun as making art with the finished paper-wrapped product. Read More >>

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Watch a Red Hot Nickel Ball Destroy a Box of Crayons

Watching the Red Hot Nickel Ball destroy various materials just never gets old. So here's a Red Hot Ball of Nickel turning a box of crayons into a rainbow of destruction. Read More >>

These Internet-Themed Crayons from the 90s Are Hilariously Dated

A long, long time ago, in a land where people had yet to even ponder words like "Reddit" and "Twitter," a bright-eyed arts and crafts company decided to embrace this crazy thing called the information superhighway. The year was 1997, and that company was Crayola. The results are absolutely glorious. Read More >>

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Get These Carbonite-Frozen Han Solo Crayons Before Lucas’s Empire Strikes Back

I'm not sure how the Lucasfilm marketing machine hasn't invaded the world of crayons already, but it looks like Etsy seller extramoneyformommy is the first to the market with a set shaped like Han Solo in his carbonite prison. Read More >>