Apple: Our Precious Credit Card Must Be Handled Like a Delicate Flower From Heaven

This week, the Apple Card became available to the masses in the US, but early adopters who choose to also obtain the physical card in addition to an iPhone-based one may want to store their delicate sliver of titanium in a vacuum-sealed glass box. Read More >>

You’ll Probably Get Approved for an Apple Card – but Be Wary

Wondering if you’ll get approved for the Apple Card? Turns out you probably don’t have to. Goldman Sachs, the bank issuing the card, is reportedly approving applications from subprime applicants, according to CNBC. Read More >>

mwc 2018
MWC 2018: Dynamics’ Connected Credit Card Now Lets Your Bank Message and See How You’re Doing

Back during CES Dynamics showed off the Wallet Card, a smart connected credit card that came with a bunch of features most people didn't even think they wanted. Those same cards are back little over a month later at MWC, except now it's been revealed the cards will have two-way communication so the banks can send you messages and make sure everything's alright. Read More >>

UK Shoppers Use Cards More Than Cash for the First Time in History

The digital age has gobbled up quite a few physical-world products. Why clutter up your house with CDs, DVDs and books when you can store them all on your laptop, smartphone or Kindle? Now, it seems, there's a new casualty: money. Read More >>

Anonymised Credit Card Data Really Isn’t Very Anonymous

Credit card companies often strip your details from their records and then share it with third parties, claiming that it's anonymised. But a new study from MIT reveals that analysis of just four purchases made on your card can identify you with more than 90 per cent accuracy, even when your details are removed. Read More >>

Hacked Twitter Accounts Can be More Valuable Than Stolen Credit Cards

Hackers operate by the same rules of economics as we all do. Thanks to a high profile breach like the one that hit US shopping chain Target, a glut of stolen credit cards has cheapened their resale value. So you know what's a more valuable target these days? Your Twitter account. Read More >>

Beware This Simple But Incredibly Effective Credit Card Point-of-Sale Skimmer

Card skimmers are getting way more common, to the point that they've even started appearing on point-of-sale card machines. And, boy, if this thing is anything to go by, they're getting better and better. Read More >>

ATM Skimming Is Now Prolific on Payment Terminals and Ticket Machines

ATM skimming has become an art in recent years, with the devices that crooks use becoming ever more sophisticated. But fraudsters are broadening their reach, with payment terminals and ticket machines now just as much targets as ATMs. Read More >>

Help Site Confirmed Physical Google Wallet Card

After last week's leaked news about Google launching its own physical credit card to sit alongside Wallet, a new help site seems to have confirmed the search giant's intentions. Read More >>

Google Wallet Looks Like It’s Getting a Physical Credit Card

We’ve been hearing on and off that this might happen, but Android Police just got a pretty real-looking tip from a leaked build of the Google Wallet that seems to confirm it: Google Wallet is getting a physical credit card. But what does that actually mean? Read More >>

Google’s Launched Its Own Credit Card in the UK

Who needs NFC when you've got good ol'plastic, eh? Having failed to bring Google Wallet to our shores, big G's done the next best thing and launched a credit card in the UK -- a global first too. Read More >>

Finally, You Can Book Cinema Tickets Online Without Rip-Off Card Charges

Going to the cinema these days is expensive enough, but it doesn’t half cheese you off when you get a massive extra fee of up to £4.20, just for booking online with your bloody card. Thankfully it seems someone’s finally wised-up to the fact that we’re just not having it any more, as Cineworld’s dropped all card charges. Read More >>

PayPal Here Is the Mobile Payment Square-Alternative That We’re Actually Going to Get In the UK

We’ve heard a lot about the Square mobile payment app that lets you take credit card payments on your phone in the US. It always sounded great but never materialised over this side of the pond. Now we’re getting one of our own made by PayPal – PayPal Here. Read More >>

MythBusters Was Banned from Talking About RFID Chips Because Credit Card Companies Are Little Weenies

RFID chips are super cool because those little buggers can beam things wirelessly. The guys at Mythbusters totally thought so too and wanted to make an episode about how trackable and hackable RFID chips were. Sounds amazing! Everyone would've learned more about the technology that's invisibly invading our lives. But, nope. Credit Card companies banned 'em. Read More >>