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Britain’s Top 10 Weirdo Hotspots Announced

Kingston Upon Hull (aka 'ull) might be the UK's current City of Culture, but it's also one of the top 10 Cities of Creeps, new data shows. Read More >>

This Fake Baby Car Seat Is Designed to Help Governments Spy on People

As governments look for new ways to spy on people, the commercial surveillance business is getting creative. One of the weirder offerings: a video and audio recording device hidden inside a baby seat. Read More >>

Have You Ever Been Catfished or Impersonated Online? 

Last week, we reported on the US Drug Enforcement Alliance (DEA) catfished drug dealers on Facebook by impersonating a woman arrested on drug charges. Closer to home, there was a case a few years back in which 19-year-old girl from Surrey was arrested for impersonating a boy online, to elicit sexual relations with other girls. Read More >>

Here Are the FBI’s Official Tips to Avoid Being Sexually Extorted Online

Because of recent "sextortion" cases that involved using the ol' Justin Bieber Ruse (that's a real thing), the FBI decided that it should put out a few official tips to inform the online collective on how to avoid sexual extortion. Read More >>

How Everybody Will Use Facebook Graph Search (Hint: Inappropriately)

Slacktory's video shows how Facebook Graph Search, as awesome as it can be, will quickly devolve into a completely inappropriate search engine for finding MILFs, GILFs, pictures taken at the beach and anything of that nature. Basically, it's going to start innocently with people trying to find others with the same music tastes, but eventually become creepers filtering and stalking people they wish they could have sex with. Read More >>