Is This Horrifying YouTube Video Linked to the Disappearance of a Teenage Girl?

In October 2009, a user named Hi Walter! Its me Patrick! uploaded a video to YouTube called “Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!” In it, a man with glasses faces the camera and talks about meeting a girl at the mall. In the video’s last few seconds, the man promises to introduce the girl. The shot then switches, and he appears in a dark room, where he opens a door to reveal a young woman—bound and screaming on the floor. Read More >>

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This Conversation Between HAL 9000 and Samantha from Her Is a Little Creepy

Here’s an excellent re-imagination of two of the most famous depictions of artificial intelligence in film, HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Samantha from Her. Tillmann Ohm stitched together the actual dialogue from the films to construct a new conversation between the two. It flows rather well. Read More >>

All of the Creepy Things Facebook Knows About You

Facebook knows more about your personal life than you probably realise. As part of the company’s increasingly aggressive advertising operation, Facebook goes to great lengths to track you across the web. The company compiles a list of personal details about every user that includes major life events and general interests. For years, details have been murky about how exactly the social network targets ads—but the company has finally given us a glimpse into how the secret sauce is made. Read More >>

This Disturbing iPhone Charger Slurps, Pulsates and… Just Look At It

Don’t even think about playing the clip below on your phone. Out of respect. In fact, if you’re at home and on your laptop, we’d recommend taking your mobile out of the room before hitting the play button. Read More >>

Disney Wants to Track Park Visitors By Secretly Photographing Their Shoes Like a Creep

With millions of tourists visiting its theme parks around the world each year, it makes sense that Disney would want to track how visitors move about its attractions to help minimise queues and crowds and also to provide a unique experience for each guest. But does it have to sound so incredibly creepy? Read More >>

Seeing How Sex Dolls Are Made Is Hauntingly Eerie (NSFW)

Being inside a sex doll factory and watching all that plastic nakedness get shaped is much more haunting than it is titillating. It gets unsettling, like if you were trapped inside a scene from a horror movie and couldn’t get out. But it’s also somewhat intriguing, just to see the mixture of products and body parts that they put together in a puzzle to shape a doll. Read More >>

Sony’s Latest Concepts Imagine a Creepy Future

Sony showed off three new concepts at the Mobile World Congress today, but they all share one thing in common: They’re a little bit creepy. Read More >>

Trying to Watch 500 Episodes of The Simpsons in VR is Creepy and Wrong

Don’t ask why, but somebody’s created a 360-degree VR video that lets you watch forces 500 episodes of The Simpsons into your eyeballs. It’s frankly horrible to watch because you can’t ever tell what’s going on, but it’s almost worth it for the theme alone. Even when it’s synchronised, the familiar tune sounds ethereal, as if you’ve been trapped inside a cartoon vortex where good is converted into evil. Read More >>

Hackers Found a Way to Make Furbies Even Creepier

When Furby hit store shelves in November 1998, it was an instant hit. Kids loved it. Parents loved it. People paid three times the Furby’s retail value just to get one for Christmas, and within three years, Furby had sold 40 million units. Now, nearly two decades later, it’s the seedy world of Furby hackers and circuit-benders that are keeping the legendary toy alive. Read More >>

Facebook is Testing a Weird Way to Make Break-Ups Easier

If anyone from The Carpenters to Neil Sedaka has taught us anything, it's that Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. There’s no way around it. But now, somewhat perplexingly, Facebook wants to make it easier by offering a tool that will block your ex’s name or photo from showing up on your feed. Read More >>

These Freaky Talking Heads Will be in Your Nightmares Tonight

These freakish heads, little more than disembodies mouths, were created for a poster for a festival—but then designers Dvein decided to breath life into their creations, animating and adding sounds from the event. Is this really how artists envisage their audiences and critics? Read More >>

Report: The NSA Collects Millions of Faces From Email, Texts, and More

Not only is the NSA interested in all your email and text messages, it would love to know exactly what you look like. The New York Times reports that the agency has been using new facial recognition software to tap into millions of images in emails, texts messages, video-conferences, and even social media to build a massive visual database. Read More >>

Check Out This Creepy, Cryogenically “Cooked” Egg

Gizmodo's mad scientist Brent Rose had some super cold (minus 70 degrees Celsius) cryogenic fluid left over from an experiment making booze into cryo spheres. So he did what any mad scientist would do: cracked an egg in it! Watch the weirdness that transpires. Read More >>

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Seven Things You Do On the Internet That’d Be Creepy to Do in Real Life

You're a different person online compared to your real life. It's okay. You don't have to irrationally like cats just because you're obsessed with cat videos. You don't have to literally poke the people you poked on Facebook. You don't have to like or follow or tag or comment or stalk celebrities like you do on the Internet. Read More >>