Cadbury is Flogging Tins of Your Favourite Chocolate Eggs Three Whole Months Before Easter

Easter may not be until April, but that hasn't stopped Cadbury making its preparations for the big day. Read More >>

Outrage as Cadbury Social Media Intern* Declares Creme Eggs are Actually called “Crem Eggs”

You know those little eggs Cadbury releases for Easter, with the blob of diabetes in the middle? Apparently everyone, including Cadbruy itself, has been pronouncing the name incorrectly. According to a now-deleted tweet on Cadbury's Twitter page, they're not called 'cream eggs', they're called 'Crem eggs'. You know, like the French would say. Read More >>

Meet the Wonka-Worthy Robot Nose That Decides What Chocolate We Eat

It’s not everyday you get invited to the place where Oreos, Milka and Creme Eggs are dreamed up, as part of a trip to witness the unveiling of a huge olfactory robot. In fact, normally you’d have to buy thousands upon thousands of chocolate bars in search of a golden ticket to even get close to that kind of Wonka tech. Read More >>