London Sushi Chain Adds Crickets to Its Spring Menu

London-based sushi chain Abokado is adding a little bite to its salads, poke bowls, and hotpots with the addition of crunchy crickets to its range of 12 existing toppings. Read More >>

Study: Mysterious Sound Recorded by Sickened Cuba Embassy Staff Was Just Crickets

Since 2017, the baffling case of U.S. diplomatic staff in Cuba and elsewhere who developed symptoms resembling brain trauma after allegedly hearing strange noises (sometimes called “Havana syndrome”) have spawned plenty of theories of varying plausibility: A “covert sonic device,” malfunctioning spy gear, weaponized microwave radiation, poisoning, and even psychogenic illness. In the latest twist, the New York Times reported on Friday, a pair of researchers is pretty sure that one of the recordings of the strange noises captured nothing more nefarious than a particularly loud breed of cricket. Read More >>

I Ate Wasps and Scorpions at New York’s First Bug Eating Festival

A single seared shrimp sat atop a scoop of mashed avocado with a healthy scoop of salty black specks overflowing onto the plate beside it. If I didn’t already know what I had gotten myself into, I would have been certain the topping was caviar—each spot popped just like a sturgeon egg might have. But rather than fishiness came an alien citrus flavour unlike any meat I’d ever tasted. After all, I was eating black ants. Read More >>

Crickets Aren’t the Superfood of the Future They’re Cracked Up to Be

Bug-eating evangelists like to talk about how crickets are caloric magic, claiming the insects can transform table scraps into a crunchy, healthy protein. A new study debunks at least one aspect of what’s being touted everywhere as the food of the future: Crickets are not the resource-efficient calorie-making machines we believe them to be. Read More >>

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Watch Crickets Fight Until They Get Stoned and Paranoid

Nitric oxide may be better known for turbo-charging snails, but rather than boosting aggressive behaviour, this brain chemical deals crickets a healthy dose of fear, telling them when to throw the towel in and flee a fight. Read More >>

These Protein Bars Are Made of Crickets

If I had a truly sophisticated palate and open mind I wouldn't even blink when I read that there was cricket flour in my granola bar. But I am unrefined and simple. The idea of a cricket bar makes me simultaneously concerned and curious. For some reason I feel like "slow roasted and milled crickets" could be good. Read More >>