Apple Health Data Is Being Used in a Murder Trial

In a German murder trial in which an Afghan refugee has been accused of rape and murder, health data from the refugee’s iPhone is being used by the prosecution as proof of murder. Read More >>

Prominent YouTuber Charged With Felony Involving Explosives

Jonathan Grant Thompson, a 37-year-old YouTuber, has been charged with two counts of possession of an explosive device, KSL reports. The only people who could have seen this coming were any of his nearly nine million subscribers. Read More >>

Study Finds Crime-Predicting Algorithm Is No Smarter Than Online Poll Takers

In a study published Wednesday, a pair of Dartmouth researchers found that a popular risk assessment algorithm was no better at predicting a criminal offender’s likelihood of reoffending than an internet survey of humans with little or no relevant experience. Read More >>

Police Force Sells Abandoned Underpants, Creased Skirts and DVDs to Fund Operations

Here's a lovely discovery some lucky journalist has made: the official Sussex Police eBay profile, where such glorious items as unclaimed underpants, random DVDs, broken ex-police torches and Beyonce's Midnight Heat as a Valentine's treat can be bought to do your bit to help the force meet its funding shortfall. Read More >>

Man Behind Crowdfunded Submarine Charged With Murder of Journalist Kim Wall

Peter Madsen, an eccentric inventor who gained notoriety for his DIY submarine and mini-rocket projects, has been charged with the murder of Kim Wall, a young journalist that was writing a story about him. After months of shifting stories, prosecutors believe that Madsen intentionally killed Wall and that the act was premeditated. Read More >>

Facebook Revenge Porn Case Shows How Police Let a Perpetrator Get Away

In a landmark case, Facebook has agreed to a settlement with a teenager in Northern Ireland after a private photo of her was posted on a “shame page” on the platform “several times” from November 2014 through January 2016. However, the individual who posted the explicit photos of the girl without her consent won’t face prosecution, and the girl’s attorney blames police delays. Read More >>

Los Angeles Man Charged With Manslaughter Over ‘Swatting’ Death

Authorities have charged 25-year-old Los Angeles man Tyler Barriss with manslaughter for allegedly placing a hoax call that led to a Wichita, Kansas police officer shooting and killing an innocent man, the L.A. Times reported. Read More >>

Local Faked Council Parking Signs to Keep Commuters Away

A person in Bath, driven mad by outsiders dumping their cars on his or her road, has created their own restricted parking area — Zone F. Zone F doesn't actually exist, but the parking signs this road vigilante made look very authentic indeed. Read More >>

France is Investigating Apple Over Illegal Planned Obsolescence

For years people insisted that their phones magically slowed down when newer models were released, which was often dismissed as a trick of the mind among other things. Then it was revealed Apple really has started slowing down older handsets, purportedly to prevent ageing batteries from crashing iOS. Read More >>

Bitcoin’s Recent Shenanigans is Causing Cybercriminals to Ditch it for Competing Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has always been the most high-profile cryptocurrency out there, but in recent months its recognition has exploded to the point where your granddad who doesn't have the internet and only reads the local paper will have heard of it. The problem is that the reasons why Bitcoin is so recognisable are also causing cyber criminals to adopt competing cryptocurrencies. Read More >>

Shropshire Chef Spiked Vegan Meals in Revenge Attack

The owner and operator of a restaurant in Shropshire is facing fury and a council investigation after admitting to somehow "spiking" vegan meals with non-vegan products. Read More >>

Lancashire Police Want to Use Amazon Echos to Report Crimes and Deliver Police Bulletins

I don't get smart speakers, or virtual assistants. Frankly I found them to be annoying and more of a hassle than unlocking my phone and looking things up for myself. But I seem to be in the minority, since people can't stop bringing virtual assistant speakers into their homes for one reason or another. Read More >>

Kidnapped Crypto Exchange Executive Reportedly Paid £740,000 Ransom in Bitcoin

Here’s one piece of evidence to suggest that cryptocurrency remains an extremely hot commodity despite recent crashes in the price of Bitcoin: Armed gang members kidnapped a top executive at UK-registered cryptocurrency exchange Exmo Finance this week and only released him after they were paid a $1 million (£740,000) equivalent ransom in bitcoins, the Financial Times reported. Read More >>

The Machines Are Probably Not Coming For Our Drug-Dealing Jobs

Authorities say a couple in California incorporated some cutting-edge tech into their drug dealing operation—only to discover that a whirring machine in the sky may not be more discreet than a person walking down the street. Read More >>

Woman Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter After Shooting Boyfriend in YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong 

An American woman pleaded guilty on Friday to second-degree manslaughter after shooting and killing her boyfriend in June. Police say 20-year-old Monalisa Perez shot and killed 22-year-old Pedro Ruiz III as part of a YouTube stunt gone wrong. The shooting happened in Halstad, Minnesota, inside the couple’s home. Read More >>