Self-Described Mad Max Protégé Arrested For Cruising On ATV With Sawed-Off Shotgun

Climate change might be bringing us closer to the guns-blazing desert apocalypse of Mad Max, but we're not quite there yet. Unfortunately, it looks like one guy in California didn't get the memo. Read More >>

Queen Reported for Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Some random member of the public has tried to grass up the Queen, after noticing that she didn't appear to be wearing a seatbelt during the slow public commute between palaces to deliver her annual speech to the House of Lords, as part of the State Opening of Parliament. Read More >>

Hacker Jailed for Stealing £100k to Pay for a BMW and Face Tattoos

A UK-based hacker has been found guilty of stealing nearly £100,000 from accounts held by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group, money he used to buy a BMW and a Range Rover, before underlining his stupidity by getting a tattoo on his face. Read More >>

If You Ordered a Rare Indian Root Online, It’s Probably Just a Dried Lizard Penis

The Hatha Jodi root is believed to bring good luck, allegedly because it looks like two praying hands. You know what also looks like two praying hands? Dried lizard penis. And poachers have noticed. Read More >>

Podcast Vigilantes Free Swedish Man After 13 Years in Prison

Swedish man Kaj Linna is out of prison after 13 years, and it's all thanks to the most modern form of salvation from the clink -- modern kids and their meddling podcasts. Read More >>

Police Forces Trial Sobriety Tags to Keep Tabs on Offenders’ Boozing

People who turn bad after a few drinks might soon be made to wear alcohol-detecting sobriety tags, as three UK police forces test the idea of enforcing no-booze rehab schemes on offenders. Read More >>

Thai Click-Fraud Farm Busted Using Wall of iPhones

Three Chinese citizens were arrested in Thailand on Sunday after a police raid uncovered a massive click-fraud operation of roughly 500 smartphones, mostly iPhones, and an estimated 350,000 SIM cards. The men reportedly admitted to using the phones to inflate the number of clicks on ads in WeChat, China’s largest messaging app. Read More >>

Brazen Thief Uses Backhoe in Attempted Cash Machine Burglary

Here’s the thing about cash machines: The machines are designed to take a pretty severe beating and still leave the box of cash out of a would-be thief’s reach. A Maryland man recently learned this lesson the hard way when he stole a backhoe, drove it five miles, and then attempted to excavate some cash out of a cash machine. It didn’t work out so well. Read More >>

The EU Wants to Make it Easier for Police to Access Electronic Data Stored in Other EU Countries

In news that would likely make Theresa May second guess her commitment to Brexit, the EU has announced that it was to speed up the processes that let police retrieve electronic evidence stored in other EU countries by US-based tech companies. Read More >>

star trek
Police Crowdsource the Hunt for Stolen Star Trek Trading Cards Exactly as You’d Expect

Recently, 3,800 Star Trek trading cards were stolen and police in Northern Ireland are on the hunt for them. And because we live in a world where everything goes on social media, PSNI Foyle asked for information with a Facebook post that includes all the obvious Star Trek quotes you can think of. Read More >>

When Are You Most Likely To Fall Victim To A Scam Email?

Do you know what makes you vulnerable to an email scam/phishing attack/malware all up in your computer? It's you. Yep - rather than focusing on software flaws, the most easily exploitable link in your online security chain is the humble human. Read More >>

Police Make First Arrest Using Facial Recognition Surveillance Vans

Science fiction authors have been writing about it for decades. Privacy activists have warned it’s just around the corner. Today, perfected facial recognition is one step closer to becoming a reality. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Privately-Owned Star Wars Collection Has Been Robbed

Yesterday morning, the man who owns, displays, and offers tours of the world’s largest privately-owned Star Wars collection announced that he’s been systematically robbed over the past several months. Read More >>

Trident Could be Hacked and we Might all Get Vapourised, Warns Security Expert

The absolute horror of a hack of the UK's Trident nuclear submarine fleet should not be considered beyond all possibility, with the subs and their weapon systems not as secure as our national defence experts claim. Read More >>

Trainee Detectives Only Need to Have Watched Sherlock Now

Scotland Yard is about to rip up the rule book of high level policing, with the need to have served a police career before switching into the exciting TV world of the detective about to be dropped. Read More >>