Piped Classical Music Makes Train Station Troublemakers Behave

Regional rail franchisee TransPennine Express is experimenting with playing classical music in Hull train station, after a previous trial that saw the classics played over the speakers at Cleethorpes station reduced levels of antisocial behaviour by either calming the perpetrators or sending them home in disgust. Read More >>

Ring of Thieves Swipes £111,000 From Buggy Bitcoin ATMs, and Police Can’t Figure Out Who They Are

A group of bitcoin bandits hit paydirt by taking advantage of buggy cryptocurrency ATMs in seven Canadian cities, according to police, netting a $195,000 CAN score—about £111,000. And Toronto police are asking for help identifying the suspects. Read More >>

Report: Man Arrested for Threatening Google Didn’t Know His Wife Deleted His YouTube Account

A YouTuber arrested on Sunday by Mountain View, California police for suspicion of threatening Google drove all the way from Waterville, Maine – a cross-country 3,000 mile trip – to confront staff for allegedly terminating his account on Google subsidiary YouTube – unaware that it was actually his spouse who deleted it, BuzzFeed News reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

New York Police Now Have an Automated Tool to Help Them Recognise Patterns in Crimes

The New York City Police Department has developed a pattern-recognition tool called Patternizr to sort through mountains of files related to “hundreds of thousands of crimes logged in the NYPD’s database,” the Associated Press reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Woman and Homeless Man Plead Guilty to Charges Related to Alleged £306,000 GoFundMe Scam

On Wednesday, the saga of the most infamous GoFundMe campaign in history came closer to a conclusion. A woman and a homeless man in the US whom prosecutors claim engaged in a fraudulent scheme that raised $400,000 (£306,000) on the crowdfunding site have pleaded guilty to federal charges. Read More >>

TripAdvisor Still Terrible at Handling Rape Allegations Against Hotel Staff

In 2017, a report from American newspaper the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed that TripAdvisor was deleting reviews that included details of sexual assault and rape. The company admitted it was removing reviews of this nature, and subsequently launched a system that labelled some hotels with these types of reports. But it looks like the travel website is still failing to properly handle sexual assault allegations on its platform—it is treating them both casually and insensitively while promoting hotels with reports of rape. Read More >>

Half of Child Grooming Cases Involve Facebook-Owned Platforms, UK Report Finds

Data compiled by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) found that in the past 18 months, over half of child grooming incidents in England and Wales where the communication method was known involved a Facebook-owned platform. Read More >>

Thieves Are Vacuuming Money From Ticket Machines

We probably shouldn't say criminals are funny and clever, but vacuuming money out of ticket machines is perhaps one little green shoot that says that yes, the UK of the future may well be a nation of innovators, leaders, and unconstrained free-thinkers, if the kids can come up with this. Read More >>

Judge Orders Destruction of Severn Bridge Climber’s Drone

A content-generating man has been officially branded a public nuisance by a court, after he was caught climbing the Severn Bridge with a drone and a mind full of excuses. Read More >>

How Would You Feel Having Your Emoji Messages Read Out in Court?

Our online conversations are riddled with emoji, and while the amusing characters can be a creative way to express certain concepts between friends, how they’re interpreted can be a giant legal headache. Read More >>

Thieves Steal Exhaust Pipes Off Cars Now

Data recording crimes against cars seems to suggest there's a new type of attack on our rolling armchairs underway, with criminals now sawing off lumps of exhaust pipe to sell on for scrap. Read More >>

England and Wales to Require Thousands of Criminals to Wear GPS Tracking Bracelets

Thousands of convicted criminals and others accused of crimes in England and Wales will be required to wear GPS-coordinate-tracking bracelets, replacing an older generation of electronic tags not capable of monitoring someone’s movement in real time, the BBC reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Someone Uploaded Child Pornography to a Blockchain Ledger, and It’s Almost Impossible to Delete

Someone added images of child sexual abuse to an immutable blockchain ledger, the BBC reported. The images were added to the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) core ledger through the payment processing app Money Button. Read More >>

Smart Assistants Could Soon Call 999 For You

This time last year, Lancashire Police said they'd like to see smart assistants like the Amazon Echo add functionality to call the authorities for you. Well, it seems they were ahead of their time, because Scotland Yard has just announced it's working on exactly that. Read More >>

The UK’s ‘Obscene Porn’ Rules Have Just Been Relaxed

Whenever you hear about the government and porn in the same news story it tends to be the powers that be trying to limit access, or criminalising something that people would argue isn't all that bad. Well today is not that day, because the Crown Prosecution Service has announced it's relaxing its rules on what classifies as 'obscene' (read: illegal) porn. Read More >>