Genetic Analysis of Seized Elephant Tusks Exposes Three Major Cartels

By performing a DNA analysis of elephant tusks nabbed at ivory busts, scientists have successfully backtracked the contraband to three major African cartels. This application of genetics presents a powerful new tool in the ongoing struggle to stop elephant poachers. Read More >>

3D-Printed Gun Activist Accused of Child Sexual Assault Reportedly Arrested in Taiwan

Gun rights activist Cody Wilson reportedly fled from the US state of Texas to Taiwan after getting tipped off that he was going to be charged for allegedly paying a 16-year-old girl $500 (£383) for sex. But now local news outlets in Taiwan report that he has been captured. Read More >>

Amazon Reportedly Investigating Whether Some of Its Staff Are Taking Kickbacks From Merchants

Amazon is reportedly investigating whether independent merchants operating on their platform are greasing the palms of staff to divulge confidential information about the site, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Police Postpone Installation of BT’s 5G Internet Kiosks Over Drug Links

BT has been planning to replace old-fashioned payphone boxes with fancy new 5G internet phone kiosks, but the roll-out has been stalled by the police as they've found the devices are being used by drug users and dealers. Read More >>

Man Allegedly Used Fake Facebook Surveys to Solicit Password Clues and Extort Nude Photos From Women

A former NASA contractor has been arrested for allegedly hacking into several women’s Facebook and email accounts in order to obtain intimate photos, and using them as blackmail unless they provided him with additional nude photos. The man, 28-year-old Richard Gregory Bauer, was arrested on Thursday. Read More >>

Police Raid Home of Couple Who Raised £310,000 on GoFundMe for Homeless Man

On Thursday, authorities executed a search warrant at the home of a couple in the US state of New Jersey who raised $400,000 (£309,600) to help a homeless man last year. Read More >>

Fake Lego Seller Has Been Fined and Imprisoned

Anyone who's ever looked for Lego products on eBay or even Amazon has probably come across them: Chinese brands of plastic bricks selling models identical to Lego's own. Lepin is probably the most notorious brand of them all, but others exist, including Lele and SY. Lego has been trying to crack down on them in recent years, and as part of that, a South Korean seller of counterfeit Lego sets has been convicted. They received a suspended two-year sentence with 10 months in prison, and a fine equal to £7,000. Read More >>

Man Accused of Scamming Free Meals Out of Online Dates Charged With 10 Felonies

We all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but one man’s alleged scheme to score free dinners off women he met online could land him in prison. According to prosecutors in Los Angeles County in the US state of California, 45-year-old Paul Gonzales pleaded not guilty on Monday to 10 felony charges related to accusations that he took “financial advantage of women he met mostly through dating apps and websites.” Read More >>

Dude Who Tried to Shake Down Mark Zuckerberg Caught in Ecuador After Three Years on the Run

A few years ago, a man named Paul Ceglia filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, claiming that the two signed a software development contract in 2003 with provisions conveniently giving Ceglia retroactive co-ownership of the site. Authorities later alleged that Ceglia, an upstate New York wood pellet salesman who has had run-ins with the law regarding everything from possession of 400 grams of magic mushrooms to alleged wood pellet fraud, forged that document. He was clever enough to give a resulting ankle bracelet the slip while awaiting fraud charges in 2015, and has been on the run with his family since. Read More >>

Chinese Ridesharing Service Didi Chuxing Suspends Carpooling Option After Second Murder of Year

Chinese ridesharing service Didi Chuxing has suspended Hitch, its free carpooling component that allows passengers to ride along with drivers headed in the same direction, after the second murder of a passenger this year. Read More >>

Sewage Study Finds American Drug Use May Be Worse Than Officials Say

Scientists at Murray State University in Kentucky, US, have been studying sewer water for the past few years, hoping to pinpoint the level of drug use within local communities. Their latest research, presented this week at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting, suggests Americans are using more drugs than official estimates tell us, and that drug use goes way up when the holidays roll around. Read More >>

Scientists Accuse Big Tobacco of Trying to Undermine Anti-Smuggling Efforts

In what might be one of the least shocking revelations ever, the authors of two new papers published Thursday in the BMJ accuse tobacco companies of further dishonesty (you know, besides decades-long attempts to downplay the addictiveness of cigarettes). They allege the tobacco industry has been scheming to take over an international programme aimed at stemming the flow of tobacco smuggling, while doing little to stop its own products from ending up in the black market. Read More >>

Apple Store Shoppers Tackle Suspects in £14,000 Macbook Grab-and-Dash Heist

In July, four thieves walked into an Apple Store in Fresno, California and, unarmed and in under thirty seconds, scooped up over $27,000 (£21,000) in iPhones and MacBooks from the display tables and ran out. On Sunday, five suspects were arrested after executing a similar heist from an Apple store in Thousand Oaks. According to ABC 7, investigators are trying to link these individuals with the group robbing Apple stores throughout California. Read More >>

There’s a Whole Shipment of Pixel 3 XLs Available to Buy on the Black Market

Oh dear. Yesterday we had news that someone had managed to get hold of a Pixel 3 XL well ahead of the official launch, seemingly confirming a lot of information about the phone. It seems that was just the tip of the iceberg, though, because according to 9to5Google a lot of the recent leaks are down to a single Ukranian dealer selling pre-release handsets on the black market to the tune of $2,000 each. Read More >>

Hackers are Trying to Hold Superdrug to Ransom

Another day, another set of hackers who say they've managed to access personal details and want money in exchange for their good behaviour. This time it's happened to Superdrug, with hackers trying some old-fashioned extortion by claiming they have details of 20,000 customers. Read More >>