Australia Scraps Plans for National Biometric Crime Database

The Australian government is ending its plans for a national biometric database meant to help police departments track suspects and other persons of interest, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission announced Friday. Surveillance and security company NEC was awarded the contract in 2016, but after a third-party audit found the project had nearly doubled its budget, ACIC terminated the contact. Read More >>

Man Gets 20 Years in Jail for Trying to Steal a Domain Name at Gunpoint

There were 332,198 robberies in the US last year according to the FBI, but (probably) only one of them involved a man trying to forcibly steal a domain name. Now the man responsible for the bizarre instance of domain hijacking will spend 20 years in prison. Read More >>

Man Building ‘Nuclear Bunker’ Under House Charged With Murder After Worker Dies in Fire

This past week in North America, authorities charged a 27-year-old Bethesda, Maryland stock trader, called Daniel L. Beckwitt, with involuntary manslaughter and second-degree murder, after worker Askia Khafra died in a fire while building an elaborate 200-foot network of underground tunnels designed to protect Beckwitt from a North Korean nuclear attack. Read More >>

Airport Parking Scammer Dumped Cars in a Field, Court Told

The operator of boring-sounding business London Parking Gatwick Ltd is in court at the moment, charged with massively exaggerating the seriousness of his airport parking systems. As in, he's accused of picking up cars, driving them around for a bit, using them to get his shopping in and dumping the cars in a field. Read More >>

Couple Who Scammed Amazon Out of More Than £895,000 in Electronics Sentenced to Nearly Six Years in Prison

Back in October, Gizmodo reported that a couple in the US state of Indiana had been charged for relieving $1.2 million (£895,400) worth of merchandise from Amazon. The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana yesterday sentenced husband and wife Erin and Leah Finan to nearly six years in prison each. Read More >>

YouTube Livestreamer Arrested for College Bomb ‘Prank’ That Sent Panicked Bystanders Fleeing

A YouTube and Twitch personality calling himself “Arab Andy” was arrested yesterday after entering a crowded room on the University of Washington campus and playing a message declaring an explosive device had been planted and would soon detonate. Read More >>

Drone Users are *This* Close to Having to Pass an Online Pilot Proficiency Test

It's no secret that the government has it in for drones, or rather the people who think they can fly drones wherever they like and leave chaos in their wake. It's been gunning for there to be some sort of proficiency test for would-be drone pilots to make sure they understand how to use them safely. Well today the government has announced a bunch of new rules that will crack down on reckless drone flight. Read More >>

Man Averages 90mph in Illegal-But-Impressive Country Race Run

A man and his mate in a modded Audi are the new holders of the unofficial Land's End to John O'Groats route time record, although in covering the distance in nine hours and 36 minutes they averaged a speed of nearly 90mph -- so perhaps ought to be considered dangerous lunatics rather than modern touring heroes. Read More >>

Scammer Threatens to Kill Dog Unless Owner Pays Bitcoin Ransom

It can be difficult to muster anger about every bitcoin scam out there, but when con artists go after our Very Good Dogs, consider me invested. Last week, a basset hound named Happy went missing in the US state of North Carolina, and a scammer claiming to have the dog soon demanded hundreds of dollars in bitcoin for his return. Read More >>

French Teens Arrested for Hacking Vevo, Defacing Despacito Music Video

Last month, a handful of extremely popular music videos on YouTube were defaced. Now two 18-year-old French citizens are in police custody and have been charged with crimes related to the hack of Vevo YouTube accounts. Read More >>

Uber Driver Arrested With Passengers in His Car on Outstanding Attempted Rape Warrant 

Those charges included two counts of attempted rape, two counts of sexual battery, and three counts of aggravated burglary. Read More >>

US Man Who Sold Diseased Body Parts Gets Nine Years in Prison

A body broker in Detroit, Michigan was sentenced to nine years in federal prison on Tuesday for hustling diseased organs. Read More >>

Music Industry Wants the UK’s Upcoming Internet Safety Laws to Deal With Piracy

For the past few years the government has made it clear it wants a more active hand in the internet. Whether it's adding age verification gates to content unsuitable for under 18s (like porn), demanding social networks tackle hate speech and extremism more effectively, or simply to make using the internet "safer" - whatever that actually means. Read More >>

Developer of ZemTV Kodi Addon Gives up Legal Defence Because He Has No Money to Continue

Yesterday we told you about an ongoing court case in the US, where the Dish network is suing the operator of the TVAddons library and the developer of the ZemTV addon. Yesterday's post mentioned that TVAddons' operator Adam Lackman had denied the allegations of copyright infringement, though ZemTV developer Shahjahan Durrani had yet to answer any of the court's questions. Now Durrani has confirmed he's giving up his fight, because he doesn't have the money to continue. Read More >>

north korea
Report: North Korea Pretty Good at the Cyber, Is Selling Stuff Like Facial Recognition Tech Abroad

North Korean operatives could be involved in the design and sale of everything from VPNs and encryption software to fingerprint and facial recognition technology, according to a recent report that alleges it’s one way the country’s totalitarian government is generating new revenue. Read More >>