Judge Orders Destruction of Severn Bridge Climber’s Drone

A content-generating man has been officially branded a public nuisance by a court, after he was caught climbing the Severn Bridge with a drone and a mind full of excuses. Read More >>

How Would You Feel Having Your Emoji Messages Read Out in Court?

Our online conversations are riddled with emoji, and while the amusing characters can be a creative way to express certain concepts between friends, how they’re interpreted can be a giant legal headache. Read More >>

Thieves Steal Exhaust Pipes Off Cars Now

Data recording crimes against cars seems to suggest there's a new type of attack on our rolling armchairs underway, with criminals now sawing off lumps of exhaust pipe to sell on for scrap. Read More >>

England and Wales to Require Thousands of Criminals to Wear GPS Tracking Bracelets

Thousands of convicted criminals and others accused of crimes in England and Wales will be required to wear GPS-coordinate-tracking bracelets, replacing an older generation of electronic tags not capable of monitoring someone’s movement in real time, the BBC reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Someone Uploaded Child Pornography to a Blockchain Ledger, and It’s Almost Impossible to Delete

Someone added images of child sexual abuse to an immutable blockchain ledger, the BBC reported. The images were added to the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) core ledger through the payment processing app Money Button. Read More >>

Smart Assistants Could Soon Call 999 For You

This time last year, Lancashire Police said they'd like to see smart assistants like the Amazon Echo add functionality to call the authorities for you. Well, it seems they were ahead of their time, because Scotland Yard has just announced it's working on exactly that. Read More >>

The UK’s ‘Obscene Porn’ Rules Have Just Been Relaxed

Whenever you hear about the government and porn in the same news story it tends to be the powers that be trying to limit access, or criminalising something that people would argue isn't all that bad. Well today is not that day, because the Crown Prosecution Service has announced it's relaxing its rules on what classifies as 'obscene' (read: illegal) porn. Read More >>

Pregnant Lyft Driver Stabbed to Death by Passenger in America

Kristina Howato, a 39-year-old driver for the transportation company Lyft, was murdered by one of her passengers in the US state of Arizona on Sunday. Authorities believe Howato was stabbed to death by 20-year-old Fabian Durazo with a kitchen knife. Durazo has reportedly admitted to the crime but hasn’t given any motive. Read More >>

Maybe Don’t Charge an E-Scooter If You Plan to Do Crimes

A man was reportedly arrested this week in connection with a recent bank robbery after his credit card that was used to rent a Jump e-scooter linked him to the scene of the crime. Read More >>

This UK Hitman’s Smartwatch Helped Convict Him of Two Murders 

This week, hitman and hobbyist runner Mark “Iceman” Fellows was convicted of the murders of English gangland figures Paul Massey and John Kinsella. Among the crucial pieces of evidence in his trial was a Garmin Forerunner—a GPS-linked fitness watch that tied Fellows to pre-assassination reconnaissance on one his targets. Read More >>

Violence On The Tube Has Shot Up

Data from the British Transport Police shows that violent crime on the London Underground system has soared by over 43% in the last three years. Read More >>

Israeli Cyber-Intelligence Firm Denies Role in Khashoggi Murder, But Won’t ‘Confirm or Deny’ Saudi Sales

One of the co-founders of the Israeli cyber-intelligence firm behind the powerful phone-surveillance software Pegasus, NSO Group, has denied that their products were involved in the Saudi Arabian government’s torture and murder of journalist in self-imposed exile Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last year, the Times of Israel reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Report: Documents Show Extensive Huawei Ties to Suspected Fronts in Iran and Syria

Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei and the daughter of its founder Ren Zhengfei, was detained in Canada late last year at the behest of U.S. authorities, who allege she oversaw a complex financial scam to violate nuclear sanctions on Iran. The incident has become a major source of tension amid the ongoing U.S.-China trade war – and according to a Tuesday report in Reuters, newly discovered corporate filings and other documents show the depth of Huawei’s ties to Iran as well as Syria. Read More >>

Home Office Gives Police More Powers in War on Drones

Whoever had their fun with a drone at Gatwick is about to hand loads more anti-drone powers to the police, as the Home Office has announced the results of a consultation into What To Do About Drones. And the answer seems to be palm more controls off on to the police. Read More >>

Gatwick Drone Investigators Say Some Drone Sightings May Have Been Good Police Anti-Drone Drones

Sussex police are laying the groundwork for declaring the Gatwick drone shutdown one of the most bizarre crimes of a very bizarre year, with investigators currently saying that some drone sightings may have been of the good kind of police drone that was launched to investigate the original reports of rogue manbaby toys buzzing the airport. Read More >>