‘Bitcoin Maven’ Jailed for Multi-Million Dollar Bitcoin-for-Cash Money Laundering Operation

Bitcoin has lost most of its (likely inflated) value in the last few months, but it still has plenty of value for law enforcement agencies looking for financial crimes to punish. The latest cryptocurrency criminal to get the book thrown at them is “Bitcoin Maven,” a 50-year-old woman who ran a bitcoin-for-cash exchange operation. Read More >>

Chinese Police Bust Crypto Betting Ring Allegedly Worth £1.1 Billion

Chinese authorities have busted what they said was one of the world’s largest online betting operations involving cryptocurrency, with over £1.1 billion in illicit bets allegedly on the line. Read More >>

Phone Signal Scanners to Remind Drivers Not to Call-and-Drive

Norwich is about to open up a new front in the war on imbeciles talking on their fun devices while in charge of massive metallic battering rams, with a trial scanner able to detect mobile phone call signals installed to warn drivers to put it down and pay more attention to the road and humans instead of live notifications about sports. Read More >>

Two Men Handed Jail Sentences for Selling Kodi-Powered ‘Ooberstick’ Devices

These days there's so much TV content to consume it's impossible (and expensive) to get it all in one place. So people have tried to fill the market with devices or services that let people stream whatever content they like at minimal cost, despite how illegal it may be. The police and rights holders are never too happy with them, and two more pirate-entrepreneurs have been jailed for selling 'Ooberstick' devices powered by Kodi. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Is Almost Entirely Out of Chances to Avoid Being Extradited to the US

Kim Dotcom, the former founder of defunct file hosting service Megaupload and its successor Mega, just lost another court battle to avoid extradition to the US on charges of copyright infringement and fraud. Read More >>

Judge tablets
The Government is Launching a Dedicated Court for Cybercrimes

Cybercrime is becoming an increasing problem all over the world, but there are problems with it not being treated as important as 'real crime' that involves people stealing from one another in person, then attacking a nightclub DJ because he wouldn't play the song you desperately wanted to hear five times in a row. Now the government has announced London will be getting a new court specifically for dealing with cases of cybercrime (and fraud). Read More >>

Revenge Porn Offenders to Face Harsh Punishment Under New UK Guidelines

The council tasked with ensuring consistency in criminal sentences in England and Wales has provided instruction on how courts should handle revenge porn cases: harshly. Read More >>

MPs Will Debate Whether to Ban ‘Prostitution Websites’ for Aiding Sexual Exploitation

If you've been paying attention to internet law in the US recently, you'll know that there's been a crackdown on websites used to advertise prostitution services in a bid to tackle sex trafficking and modern slavery. The move has been criticised by sex workers and activists alike, and now MPs in the House of Commons will be debating whether to implement a similar ban on such websites in the UK. Read More >>

Convicted ‘Free Tablet’ Fraudster Ordered to Pay Up £2.1 Million to Victims

New York officials announced the conviction and sentencing of Nevada-based Sungame Corporation and its CEO Neil Chandran for grand larceny and securities fraud, saying the fraudsters would be forced to pay up £2.1 million to redress hundreds of people the company scammed with promises of free 3D tablets or go to jail. Chandran, who was previously barred from trading by the Alberta Securities Commission in 2015, will also be barred from doing so in New York state. Read More >>

Shoe Camera Explodes on Creep’s Foot Before He Can Take ‘Upskirt’ Photos

Authorities say a Wisconsin man’s attempt to take invasive photos was foiled when the battery of his shoe-camera device exploded and injured his foot. Read More >>

Elderly People Are Too Embarrassed to Admit to Being Scammed

Research into cases of modern online fraud has found that elderly victims are likely to keep quiet about being tricked into handing over bank details or money, with the shame of being fooled by a scammer making it too hard for them to admit to friends and family that they've been done over. Read More >>

Millions in Cryptocurrencies Seized in Biggest LSD Bust in European History

With the price boom of 2017 and the constant chatter about the blockchain revolution, it feels like people have forgotten the one thing bitcoin is proven to be good for: buying drugs. On Thursday, law enforcement gave everyone a reminder of cryptocurrencies roots when it took down an LSD ring and seized millions of dollars worth of digital cash. Read More >>

Dude Talked So Much Trash Online About This Company, He’s Going to Jail—Again

A man in the US state of Texas has really shown up the legion of shitposters online. He’s gone to prison not once, but twice for writing a number of damaging posts online about a financial firm. Read More >>

Next-Gen E-Horses Launching in 2020 to Counter Equine-Dumping

Dumping horses is apparently a thing in Apocalypse 2018 UK, where bored owners, or people tired of cleaning up poo, or keepers of knackered old models they can't face buying hay for any more, walk them to a rural space and... throw them away. While still alive, obviously, with sick animals the most likely to be dumped and abandoned in this horrifying manner. Read More >>

Police Security Division Reveals Anti-Crime Garden

A police initiative is testing a crime-fighting garden, one that cost £20,000 to develop and show, but contains ideas its designers hope might save many times that thanks to security measures that make it hard for burglars to gain entry. Read More >>