Today’s Cryptocurrency Gaffe: Hacker Makes Off With £22.64 Million in Tether 

While many cryptocoins seek to transcend conventional currency, the cryptocurrency Tether claims to back each of its issued tokens with an equal amount of redeemable cash held in a private reserve. That keeps its value predictable, but presents a problem if a token is stolen from one of the company’s “treasury” wallets. Today, Token’s development team has exactly 30,950,010 problems. Read More >>

Hackers are Stealing our Air Miles Now

Analysis of internet content on the "dark" parts of the internet appears to show that there's been a spike in theft of air miles, with hackers nicking points from accounts then selling them on so that everyone can make a bit of money from our forgotten stash of loyalty points. Read More >>

A Moped Gang Hit London’s Regent Street Apple Store This Morning

The moped has been getting its reputation sullied in recent years, what with the rise in thieves and acid-wielding twats taking to the streets in the miniature motorbikes. Add another notch to their reputation, because five of them got used in a heist that targeted Apple's flagship store on London's Regent Street. Read More >>

Scrabble King Banned for Looking Slightly Like He Was Cheating

There is a way to hold the bag in the world of competitive Scrabble playing, we have learned. Players should hold the bag at shoulder level while selecting their new tiles, to ensure they can't take a sneaky look at its contents. Read More >>

US Secret Service Agent Who Stole Silk Road Bitcoins Sentenced to Two More Years for Stealing Even More

Shaun Bridges, the 35-year-old Secret Service agent from Baltimore who was sentenced to 71 months in prison in 2016 for stealing over $800,000 (around £600k) in Bitcoin during a government investigation into notorious deep-web market Silk Road, has been sentenced to an additional two years in jail for money-laundering charges, Reuters reported. Read More >>

There’s a Chatbot That Will Waste the Time of Email Scammers

I've never really used chatbots for anything serious, just to test them out when my job demands it. Unless a customer service AI can deal with my problems better than the humans they hire to half arse the job, I'm not interested in talking to one. But I'm all for using them to talk to other people and waste their time, especially when those people are trying to steal my money. Read More >>

TripAdvisor Has Added Warnings For Hotels With Reports of Sexual Assault and Other Issues

Following a report that TripAdvisor deleted multiple comments warning users about sexual assault, the company has announced a new system that will make it loud and clear if a destination might present safety risks. Read More >>

Sony and Warner Are Taking TuneIn to Court Over Copyright Infringement in the UK

Streaming is the new cool way to pirate stuff, and while most people would automatically think of video streaming there are audio pirates out there. Case in point, Sony and Warner have both decided to sue digital radio service TuneIn over 800 unlicensed streams that supposedly let people listen to copyrighted material in the UK. Read More >>

I Have a Few Questions About This Video of a Woman Stealing From an Uber Driver’s Tip Jar

An unsettling video went viral on Reddit late Monday night. It shows a young woman in an Uber who empties out the driver’s tip jar and then flees the scene with two friends. I have a few questions about what’s going on here. Read More >>

Uber (Belatedly) Commits £3.8 Million to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention 

Uber announced on Sunday that it’s taking new steps toward preventing sexual assault and domestic violence, starting with a $5 million (£3.8 million) donation to its US partners—Raliance, National Network to End Domestic Violence, No More, Women of Color Network, Casa de Esperanza, A Call to Men, and The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs—along with an employee training program and in-app messaging to educate riders and drivers. Read More >>

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Billionaire Tech Investor, Arrested on Corruption Charges

Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world’s richest individuals and a major investor in firms including Citigroup, Euro Disney, Apple, Twitter, 21st Century Fox, and Lyft, was arrested on Saturday night as “part of a sweeping anti-corruption crackdown that included detaining 10 other Saudi princes, four country ministers and dozens of other ministers,” USA Today reported. Read More >>

Why Is TripAdvisor Removing Sexual Assault Warnings From Its Site?

TripAdvisor has deleted multiple reports of rape and sexual assault over the last several years, according to a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which also highlights the confusing rules and algorithms that determine which reviews are deleted or featured more prominently than others. Read More >>

Gatwick Valet Parker Hit 130mph in Traveller’s Audi

We actually feel a shred of sympathy for an Audi driver today, after the owner of a fairly hot A3 found that it was smashed up to 130mph by the Gatwick Airport valet parker he handed the keys over to. Read More >>

Serial Killer in Japan Stalked, Murdered Suicidal Women He Found Through Twitter

In a grisly tale, The New York Times reports Takahiro Shiraishi, 27, was arrested in Zama prefecture, Japan, 30 miles outside of Tokyo, after police found nine severed heads in coolers in his flat. Shiraishi reportedly used Twitter to find women who’d expressed suicidal thoughts over the service, murdering and decapitating them. Shiraishi has also admitted to sexually assaulting some of the women. Read More >>

The Kodi Crackdown is Now Targeting Stream Providers Who Don’t Host the Content Themselves

Streaming is the new hip and happening thing in the world of piracy, particularly where Kodi is concerned. That's come with a problem on how to take it. Taking down individual streams is a pretty futile effort, and going after the people selling 'fully-loaded' hardware takes time. Read More >>