Geniuses Commit More Crimes And Get Away With Them, Says Criminologist

University of Auckland criminologist James Oleson has found that people with super-high IQs were more likely to commit most types of crime, and also more likely to not get caught. Read More >>

Understanding the Mind of a Criminal: Is it Nature or Nurture?

Until the early 20th century, all theories attempting to explain the anti-social behaviour of criminals was intrinsically linked to the discipline of biology. Read More >>

How Maths Geeks Almost Doxxed Banksy

Describing graffiti as a “minor terrorism-related act,” researchers from Queen Mary University of London have used a technique developed for crime-fighting to tag the identity of a Banksy, a highly prolific but secretive street artist. The system could thwart more serious crimes, but its use in outing an anonymous artist shows the potential for abuse. Read More >>