Cotton Bud Crossbow Lets You Help Friends With Their Hygiene From Across the Room

When your work requires you to be in an office and interact with other people, you owe it to your co-workers to keep up your personal hygiene. That includes ensuring you keep the insides of your ears neat and tidy, unless you want your co-workers to do it for you using a tiny cotton bud crossbow. (You don’t.) Read More >>

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You’re Halfway to Becoming a Superhero With a Wrist-Worn Crossbow

If you want to remain one of the most popular custom weapons builders on YouTube, you need to keep innovating and improving your craft. Patrick Priebe's new WristBow Mk II is actually an update of his first wrist-worn crossbow that now features a semi-automatic reloading mechanism, allowing it to hold eight tiny darts in a clip for taking down multiple baddies—or watermelons. Read More >>

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These DIY Office Supply Weapons Definitely Won’t Get You Fired, Nope

You graduated from middle school and found your way to a desk job, but that doesn't mean you have to leave rubber-band-powered projectile launchers behind. YouTube's mist8k is here to show us how to build three weapons of mass distraction, using stuff you've already got at your desk. Now (goofing off at) work can be fun! Read More >>

M16 Crossbow
An M16-Based Crossbow Is a Truly Terrifying Thing

The M16A1 is an iconic gun, so it's no surprise that our favourite weapons designer Joerg Sprave fancied the idea of using one as the base of a crossbow. The result is rather terrifying. Read More >>

Who Cares About Slingshots When This Crossbow Fires Spinning Saw Blades?

We've got nothing but undying love for slingshot master Joerg Sprave. But if we had to select a weapon of choice, it would probably be Patrick Priebe's saw blade-launching laser-sighted Blade Driver crossbow. Read More >>

Wrist-Mounted Crossbow Is a Vampire-Slaying Dream Come True

You know what's awesome? Wrist-mounted anything. Literally anything that's a thing is probably cooler on your wrist. Clocks? Yeah. Phones? Maybe. Ice cream cones? Sure! And homemade, laser-sighted crossbows? Yeah, I want a piece of that, and you do too. Read More >>