Crossrail is Not Happening This Year, Says Chief Exec

It already feels like it's taken longer than Kingdom Hearts 3, but there will apparently be even more delays before Crossrail's peppy purple trains become a regular fixture of London transport. Read More >>

Crossrail To Get £1.4 Billion Bailout

Surprising nobody who's ever worked on a large-scale project with lots of stakeholders, Crossrail is going to be very late and very over budget. Read More >>

TfL is in Talks to Extend Crossrail Further East and Into Kent

London's Elizabeth Line, still known to many as Crossrail, isn't set to be fully operational until next December when the Reading service opens its doors, but there are already plans to extend the line. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has just confirmed TfL is in talks to extend the line eastwards towards Ebbsfleet in Kent. Read More >>

TfL Reveals How Much It’ll Cost to Travel via Crossrail

London's Crossrail service, officially known now as the Elizabeth Line, is set to open later this year, and slowly we're getting a picture of what it will be like to travel on the brand new section of the Underground. We've seen the fancy new trains that will be in operation, and now TfL has confirmed how much it will cost to use. Spoiler: It's basically the same as the regular Tube, unless you're travelling to Heathrow. Read More >>

You Can Ride An Elizabeth Line Crossrail Train TODAY!

It won't be until December 2019 that the tunnelled section of the new Elizabeth Line will be fully open - and it won't be until May next year when the new line begins officially operating above ground in East London, between Shenfield and Liverpool Street. Read More >>

Crossrail Trains Are Now Making Regular Appearances Ahead Of Schedule

Train fans will be excited to hear that the first Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) stock has started making regular appearances on the line, ahead of its official opening later this month (pinch, punch, etc). Read More >>

Historic Ketchup Unearthed at Crossrail’s Astoria Digs

The findings dug up during Crossrail works beneath the site of London's old Astoria are so exciting to some that's there now a book about them. The book's called Crosse and Blackwell 1830-1921 - A British Food Manufacturer in London's West End. They found some old jam and assorted preserves. Read More >>

We Went Behind The Scenes at the Liverpool Street Elizabeth Line Construction Site

We’re now just two years away from December 9th, 2018 - the day when the first Elizabeth Line trains will begin passenger services through the new tunnels under central London. It’ll mark the culmination of nine years hard work, which began in 2009. However, the project won’t be entirely finished until 2019 when you’ll be able to catch a train all the way from Reading or Heathrow in the west, and to Abbey Wood in Shenfield in the east. Read More >>

Here’s What the New Elizabeth Line Stations Will Look Like

Crossrail Limited has released a series of artist’ impressions depicting what the fancy Elizabeth Line stations will look like once London’s new route opens in December 2018. Read More >>

Crossrail 2 is Still Almost Two Decades Away

The national infrastructure commission has given the green light to Crossrail 2, and is calling for ministers to get working on it as soon as possible. Lord Adonis, the chairman of the commission, says the new line could be up and running as early as 2033, though the project is expected to cost around £27 billion. Read More >>

TfL Apologises For Botched Disability Access Signs on Elizabeth Line Map

The new Crossrail map that was introduced alongside the renaming of London's new tube to the Elizabeth line has already been picked apart by observant travellers, who've noticed that Transport for London has got the disability access signs completely wrong. Read More >>

Crossrail to be Royally Renamed the “Elizabeth Line” – After the Signs Have Already Gone Up

She's already got the Jubilee Line on the tube named after her, and now the Queen is set to lend her name to another of London's public transport lines. The Crossrail train connection is to be renamed the "Elizabeth Line" when its service begins in five years time. Cue jokes about it taking 70 years to be ready and costing the taxpayer a fortune. Read More >>

A Fleet of Custom Machines is Kitting Out Crossrail

Crossrail is nearing completion: we've spied lots about the massive infrastructure project as it has undergone its 118-kilometre construction in London and its environs, and the latest update shows finished tunnels, so there’s just the little matter of furnishing it all. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Look Inside Crossrail Train Carriages: 4G, Wi-Fi and Air-Conditioning as Standard

We've seen the tunnels, we've seen the station stop plan, now we finally get our first look at the insides of a Crossrail train carriage. TFL has today released renders of what the new Crossrail trains will look like, giving us a feel for what the London commute of the future will be like. Read More >>

Crossrail Builders Unearth 30 Bodies in 1665 Plague Pit

Excavators who are digging up around Liverpool Street in London to build the new Crossrail station have stumbled upon a mass grave containing bodies buried in 1665. Read More >>